Sep 9, 2010

make up brush cleaner.

i know this is going to make so many of you cringe…but i kind of forgot all about the concept of cleaning my makeup brushes. i'd heard to use baby shampoo & i don't have that, so i haven't been cleaning them.

so about a week ago, i found this girls youtube & who knows why…it was fairly early in the morning, but i clicked on her video about cleaning makeup brushes - apparently it's an important thing : /

i think maybe…thats why i break out sometimes, now that i think of it, because all of the oils on my face & bacteria are collecting in the brushes i haven't cleaned [in over a year].

so i tried this, & it worked. & my brushes were soft & fluffy & fine :)
you will need:
olive oil - to moisturize your brushes. that sounds weird, but just go with it
dawn - as your antibacterial agent
this is something that is missing in baby shampoo, too. because while it does clean your brushes, it doesn't get rid of any bacteria.
mix on a plate in equal portions - i would tend towards using a little more dawn than the olive oil, though.
now dip your brush into the mix & swirl a few times. wet a little with water if necessary & swirl around in the palm of your hand & rinse.

the only other thing that was helpful for me to know, is to not let your brushes dry on their sides.
the moisture from water will go back into the handle of your brush & loosen the glue that is keeping your bristles in place & it just takes longer.
I hung my smaller brushes on a clip hanger. & the larger ones I just lightly taped.
fancy like.

so go give your brushes a nice cleaning :)


  1. Haha, I also just recently had the realization that cleaning my makeup brushes once in a while would be a good idea. :p

  2. How about linking to the girl you took the idea from?

  3. I like the idea of remoisturizing brushes! I've been putting mine in the dishwasher & it works pretty well.

    @anonymous, how is anyone supposed to link to you if you're anonymous?

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  4. Thank you for the info!

  5. Does the dish soap have to be DAWN, specifically? OR can you use any dish soap?

  6. I would never use dawn or any other dish soap. Vinegar with water is best.

  7. Saw this on Pinterest, what a fantastic idea. You're super inspiring me :) off to read the rest of your blog!

  8. Thanks for the tip! I will totally be trying this! (Original Dawn dish soap is my new best friend. It's extremely's what they use to shampoo animals/birds that are victims of oil spills and such.)

  9. This is a wonderful idea, and i use Dawn for a million things too. One thing I wanted to point out is that all soaps are antibacterial. The difference between regular and antibacterial soaps is slight. Also if your face is breaking out even after you clean your brushes try wiping down your cell phone each night.

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