Sep 5, 2010

our little home.

is really truly ours.
she is messy.
her kitchen has been completely deconstructed by me.
& her yard has been made new (in part at least) by daniel & my perries & a few friends.

can't wait for you all to meet her :)


  1. ahhhh yay jungs want to come over! put Jj to work and let me and augustine eat the mystery bushes!

  2. hahaha! we SO will!
    as soon as all of the sanding is done we will have you over to see it! its really dusty in the kitchen, so i don't want you & auggie getting paint in your lungs :P

  3. That is soooo awesome!!! Can't wait to see pictures and see how you make it your personal home!

    Love Elisa
    The Not So Pharaoh Farrows

  4. Congrats guys!