Sep 28, 2010

your psl playlist.

Daniel & I have a friend named Josh.

He has an awesome blog where he makes these awesome playlists that we like lots. Good for sippin' on that piping hot pumpkin spice that you just made :)
 or packing. or whatever else.

give it a listen here.

I was wanting to have pictures for you all of our 'in-between' house stages. But we lost our camera cord soooomewhere around here : /

Today is move out day.
The saddest part is leaving our neighbors, the Wingates. They made us a really fun sign that was all over our front door last night. You can kiiind of see it. It was early when I took it on my phone.

BTW…I just wanted to say that i've loved seeing all the fun comments from people I don't know on here recently :)

Totally making my day(s).

Be back soon.


  1. Good morning! Just want you to know that I read every post and smile! I can remember when you lived just around the corner and used to freak out about not knowing how to cook! Remember when you took cooking lessons from Mrs. Frith and learned how to make yummy marshmellows?? You could always make a mean pot of Mac'n'Cheese, but look at you now! Your recipes are so delightful! Like I said, I read your blog and smile :) I will always love you Mindy! Happy Tuesday

  2. Aw how sweet of our neighbors! We'll be moving soon also and i'm gonna miss our neighbors. They've been so nice, and quiet ;)