Oct 28, 2010

New Home. Sweet Home.

Its 4:05 on a Thursday afternoon.
& I just realized…I don't even know what I look like today. Thats kind of a scary thing.
but in other news...

We are living in our house, guys!!!
In a lot of ways, its really just like fancy camping right now. No hot water, or sinks. Okay, we have one working now...Or AC. 
But we do have a comfy bed :)
& bagels.
& my teacups are all set about the kitchen really prettily.

& Today I am going to show you how fun it is to redo your floors!

step 1:
sand sand sand!

& sand some more :)
for about 15 hours.
no. i'm not kidding. we counted.

they will look something like this when your done...

& you will have several buckets of wood dust to throw away, too.

step 2:
clean clean clean!
every wall. every corner of floor.
with tack cloths & shot vacs & vaccums.
but also enjoy your sanding. because things feel so nice & clean.

step 3:
stain stain stain!
this was the most stressful part.
there is such a science to staining floors that i didn't know about!
we still really don't know about it. it was a hard process to master. needless to say, we botched our entryway really horribly. but thanks to mom c, it was salvaged afterall with a quick & light sanding :)

also: don't let your gloves break on you without knowing.

& this is what you want to throw away in a tightly sealed bag. or, seriously people, you could have a spontaneous combustion on your hands.
thus defeating the purpose of doing your floors at all.

step 4:
which i didn't take pictures of.
but these are the floors :)
it will look nicer once i paint over all of the stain spots on our baseboards

& this is how we rest after our hard work!

now that we are {starting} to get settled, you will finally be getting some not house related posts from me again!!! yippee!!!

Oct 20, 2010

a few middles...

i know i've been seriously m.i.a.
that will all change in about a week & a half, but for now…things are still crazyyyyy.

okay, so here is our main bathroom.
in picture no. 1…it doesn't look thaaat bad. but it doesn't look awesome by any stretch either. look at that linoleum. woo woo :) that was all over our kitchen & both bathroom floors, too. i have grown to detest false pebbles.
no, actually i was okay with leaving it 'for now' but then we realized 'for now' would probably mean 'way too long' so we decided to at least begin demo work by scraping all of the plastic tiles off the walls (in pic no. 2) & pull up the linoleum. Please note the SECOND layer of linoleum, underneath. ewww.
& picture no. 3 is the beautiful bathroom we have now.

hopefully it will look somewhat like this one in months to come.

she is the half bath. & also the prettiest room in the house so far. although still unfinished :P

moving on to my project room. oh. well mostly my DAD'S project room. if we're speaking technically. although i did do a lot of painting...
our recycled kitchen cabinets. sanded for who knows how many hours, primed & glued. & our dirty windows, too :)

breakfast nook sanded & primed.

& here is our countertop…base. i guess. 

we've done quite a bit more, but this is a start, i think :)

we are planning on moving in {maybe} this saturday!!!?

Oct 11, 2010

my bigmac is back!!!

i am happy to say that my bigmac (or imac, as they are more commonly called) made his way up to the coleman's yesterday :)
i was beginning to get a little antsy about the thousands (literally) of photos i had waiting for me to sort thru & edit when we got into our housie, so we decided he needed to come out of hiding for the next several weeks before we move into our home.

it makes me glad to have him back.

but not as glad as i would be if daniel were here to hug on columbus day.

Oct 4, 2010

week two begins today.

of living with daniels parents & of moving out of our apartment. its been a nice in between time so far. i do miss my imac though. i cant lie.

we are hoping to move in by the 22nd. that will be daniel's birthday present this year.
we only have to:

*fix all the holes in our wall from the electrician. the are large, partial wall sized 'holes'
*speaking of which, he has to finish wiring our housie, too.
*fix the plaster on the ceiling that {fellinaheap} in our laundry room. only one uh-oh. thats not so bad :)
i'm thinking of replacing it with this from lowes.
*paint our laundry room teal!!!
*install washer & dryer
*prime kitchen cabinets
*paint kitchen cabinets
*buy a sink. we're thinking one of these, below. they're the two domsjo sinks from ikea. they aren't online, but they have them in store for $199 & $299, respectively. for an apron front like we're wanting...its a steal. thank you, ikea for giving a {little} cheaper option to our expensive taste buds :)

*make/install kitchen countertops. poly.
*cut to size & add wainscoting to kitchen walls. prime & paint.
*install appliances (& the kitchen sink)
*prime & paint half bath
*paint ceilings (ick.)
*sand. clean. stain. poly. sand, clean & poly hardwood floors. in that order.


what do you think?
doable in 2 1/2 weeks?