Oct 20, 2010

a few middles...

i know i've been seriously m.i.a.
that will all change in about a week & a half, but for now…things are still crazyyyyy.

okay, so here is our main bathroom.
in picture no. 1…it doesn't look thaaat bad. but it doesn't look awesome by any stretch either. look at that linoleum. woo woo :) that was all over our kitchen & both bathroom floors, too. i have grown to detest false pebbles.
no, actually i was okay with leaving it 'for now' but then we realized 'for now' would probably mean 'way too long' so we decided to at least begin demo work by scraping all of the plastic tiles off the walls (in pic no. 2) & pull up the linoleum. Please note the SECOND layer of linoleum, underneath. ewww.
& picture no. 3 is the beautiful bathroom we have now.

hopefully it will look somewhat like this one in months to come.

she is the half bath. & also the prettiest room in the house so far. although still unfinished :P

moving on to my project room. oh. well mostly my DAD'S project room. if we're speaking technically. although i did do a lot of painting...
our recycled kitchen cabinets. sanded for who knows how many hours, primed & glued. & our dirty windows, too :)

breakfast nook sanded & primed.

& here is our countertop…base. i guess. 

we've done quite a bit more, but this is a start, i think :)

we are planning on moving in {maybe} this saturday!!!?


  1. congrats on the remodel. I bet it will be so pretty (and worth it) when it is done!

  2. looks gorgeous!!!! cant wait to see!

  3. congrats on the new house! I found your blog via Elisa, who is my friend. You and Daniel must be so excited!