Oct 28, 2010

New Home. Sweet Home.

Its 4:05 on a Thursday afternoon.
& I just realized…I don't even know what I look like today. Thats kind of a scary thing.
but in other news...

We are living in our house, guys!!!
In a lot of ways, its really just like fancy camping right now. No hot water, or sinks. Okay, we have one working now...Or AC. 
But we do have a comfy bed :)
& bagels.
& my teacups are all set about the kitchen really prettily.

& Today I am going to show you how fun it is to redo your floors!

step 1:
sand sand sand!

& sand some more :)
for about 15 hours.
no. i'm not kidding. we counted.

they will look something like this when your done...

& you will have several buckets of wood dust to throw away, too.

step 2:
clean clean clean!
every wall. every corner of floor.
with tack cloths & shot vacs & vaccums.
but also enjoy your sanding. because things feel so nice & clean.

step 3:
stain stain stain!
this was the most stressful part.
there is such a science to staining floors that i didn't know about!
we still really don't know about it. it was a hard process to master. needless to say, we botched our entryway really horribly. but thanks to mom c, it was salvaged afterall with a quick & light sanding :)

also: don't let your gloves break on you without knowing.

& this is what you want to throw away in a tightly sealed bag. or, seriously people, you could have a spontaneous combustion on your hands.
thus defeating the purpose of doing your floors at all.

step 4:
which i didn't take pictures of.
but these are the floors :)
it will look nicer once i paint over all of the stain spots on our baseboards

& this is how we rest after our hard work!

now that we are {starting} to get settled, you will finally be getting some not house related posts from me again!!! yippee!!!


  1. wow... thats really really beautiful. im really in awe of you two- such grown ups! :)

    maybe when your house is all done andrew and i will find our way to charlotte and we can visit!

  2. haha. its such a weird feeling having to be grown up…
    but YES! we would totally love that. anytime.

  3. Oh wow, that's a lot of work. May you enjoy those floors, and knowing what went into making them beautiful, for many years!

  4. Love the floors, what color stain did you use? I am glad you are an expert floor refinisher now because we are doing ours in the next month or so, so I need some pointers!

  5. The floor looks amazing! Hard work but it's worth of it.

  6. @Eileen.
    We used dark walnut. its a special order color from lowes, though, if you want to buy the gallon size, so we ended up driving around to several lowes snatching up lots of quart size cans ;)

  7. total stranger leaving a comment: umm, your blog is fantastic.

    i'll definitely be visiting/stalking. :D

  8. Ha. That Carmen comment made me smile. Beautiful floors guys. Seriously need to come see the house sometime! You don't even have to clean for me. I just want to see it in all of it's dusty glory!

  9. your place looks incredible.
    really nice

    and good work with the staining - i know it's intense