Oct 4, 2010

week two begins today.

of living with daniels parents & of moving out of our apartment. its been a nice in between time so far. i do miss my imac though. i cant lie.

we are hoping to move in by the 22nd. that will be daniel's birthday present this year.
we only have to:

*fix all the holes in our wall from the electrician. the are large, partial wall sized 'holes'
*speaking of which, he has to finish wiring our housie, too.
*fix the plaster on the ceiling that {fellinaheap} in our laundry room. only one uh-oh. thats not so bad :)
i'm thinking of replacing it with this from lowes.
*paint our laundry room teal!!!
*install washer & dryer
*prime kitchen cabinets
*paint kitchen cabinets
*buy a sink. we're thinking one of these, below. they're the two domsjo sinks from ikea. they aren't online, but they have them in store for $199 & $299, respectively. for an apron front like we're wanting...its a steal. thank you, ikea for giving a {little} cheaper option to our expensive taste buds :)

*make/install kitchen countertops. poly.
*cut to size & add wainscoting to kitchen walls. prime & paint.
*install appliances (& the kitchen sink)
*prime & paint half bath
*paint ceilings (ick.)
*sand. clean. stain. poly. sand, clean & poly hardwood floors. in that order.


what do you think?
doable in 2 1/2 weeks?


  1. i think your crazy amazing if you can do it in 2 weeks. Your young strong and savvy I would not be surprised if you did. I wish I was not preggo during this time b.c I would be there painting the kitchen with you:)

  2. thats when ill be there!!!! oh my gosh. i want to help you guys move!

  3. Wow, I hope you can do it. We thought we would have all kinds of projects (stripping wallpaper, priming, painting, repairing drywall, replacing flooring, replacing light fixtures, replacing appliances) when we moved in, and had about a month to do it.
    We were living in the house by the time we were half done, and had been in the house for about 4 months before the majority of it was done. Granted, we were both working, at least part time. But it all happened, and we were happy with the end result.
    Good luck!