Nov 13, 2010

a lowes day.

okay. i am such a liar about the applesauce.
i won't post it tomorrow either. i just know it.
but monday…just wait folks.

well so far i have kept my promise to myself.
just not to you all.
i am a day behind posting, but i DO have pictures for every day! thats something at least…

this is where my hubsand works.
{yes, i spell it like that on purpose}
i went to meet him for lunch on friday.
it is always such a fun ordeal to get to him. i have to pass through security gates & then i park in the visitors deck. although on THIS day the sucurity woman was soooo nice to me & said i could park at the very front of the building in the 15 minute parking & i could stay as long as i wanted :) & then i go inside where a receptionist takes your picture & makes you sit in a waiting room & makes you a visitors badge that you use to open doors & things. then they call daniel & tell him a little girl is waiting for him in the lobby so he can come to pick me up!

so there is a pretty bridge & glorious looking trees to the right of us that we stomped around in.
it was a very nice part of my day :)

& then i found a lot of old atlas jars at habitat on my way home. eight of them for .80.
its becoming a horrible addiction.
my growing ball jar collection.

so today i am thankful for lots to cabinets to store them all in!

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  1. your growing ball jar collection. interesting. now do you keep them in a box or a sack?