Nov 19, 2010

picture of yesterday.

this is the part of yesterday when we went to see our friend aj at his dance performance at uncc.
& were late because it took us so long to park at a meter & scrounge for change.
& was actually sold out. so we sat in the window like little children who realllly want tickle me elmo's at christmas time. kind of.
but we got to see him & he was the best dancer there. duh.
& we danced around in the leaves on our way back to our car & tried to take a cruddy picture in the black of night on my phone.

its nice to be on campus again sometimes :)
i was feeling pretty nostalgic.

i've been over here more, lately. posting pictures from a few shoots lately.
i literally have…6 more to post. soon.
so check them out & let me know what you think!


  1. Does A.J have black hair and wear glasses, because I am pretty sure that I take Digital Media 1 with A.J. Small world, huh? Also, how was the concert?

  2. YES! that is totally him. he is such a kick. we love him
    it was great! his parts were honesty the very best!