Nov 11, 2010

pictures of us.

daniel & i were talking the other night, & since I've been taking pictures so much of other people this year, we don't really seem to take any together anymore. thats an awful excuse. but its all i can think of.

so thats when we made a pact. we are going to take at least one picture a day together between now & the end of the year. & just to be sure that we really do - i'm going to post them here every day. starting with yesterday.

daniel took me to pf chang for my birthday. we like going there to celebrate special events. well...there and red robin.
& we always have wonderful waiters. last time our guy sat down with us & wouldn't stop telling daniel he looked like robert pattinson. {haha} & then gave us a gift card for next time. last nite he made me a little 'cake' out of fortune cookies with a candle for my birthday. & banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream which is the BEST

then we rented toy story 3 & pulled our tv into our room.
we are probably some of the few people have hadn't seen it yet.
i bawled my eyes out for about the last 8 minutes.
but you should see it if you haven't! we are just such suckers in pixar movies for whatever reason…

later today i am going to {try to} post a recipe for homemade apple sauce.


  1. what a wonderful sweet date night!
    I loved Toy Story 3...and Up gets me every time!
    happy birthday!

  2. Mmmm, I've only been to P. F. Chang's once, but I did get the banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream. That was two years ago and I'm still craving them. ;-) Best dessert I've ever had.

    I really like your idea for the pictures! I'm looking forward to seeing them. =)