Nov 16, 2010

raw applesauce.

my first & second canning experieces were frightening & successful.
those two don't typically go together. but today they just do :)

frightening because i thought a jar was going to explode in my face the whole 2 hour process & successful because it was yummy & all of my jars actually sealed (!!!)

so…raw applesauce sounds a little weird. but it seems the most fitting to me for this, & it is SOOOO easy to make! after this, i don't know if i could ever make applesauce the traditional way again.

so this is what you need:
*cinnamon (optional)
{10 apples for me made 2 quarts + 2 pints}

cut up your apples into small enough pieces so your blender can puree them. & LEAVE THE PEELS ON! so much easier. plus, a lot of the nutrients in apples are directly under the skin, so if you peel them off, you are loosing a lot of the healthy-ness. this DOES make your applesauce just the tiniest bit less smooth feeling. it didn't bother daniel or i a bit, but you could always test it out on one apple & you'll know if the texture is going to bother you…

add 1/2 to 1 cup of water. basically JUST enough to get your apples blending. puree for about a minute in your blender.

then put your applesauce in a large pot on low heat, just enough to get it warm before you put it in your jars.

i've only canned twice now, so i really don't feel like i should be any kind of expert telling you what to do. but here is basically what i did:

1.) sterilized jars in the oven for about 10 minutes
2.) sterilized {new} lids in boiling water on the stovetop
3.) fill jars not quite to the top with applesauce & screw on your lid. it doesn't have to be super tight. just hand tightened well.
4.) bring a large stock pot to medium heat & place jars inside. i've heard that you shouldn't put your jars in vigorously boiling water right off the bat, because the chance of them cracking is greater. so i started at medium heat & raised it just a liiitle after a few minutes. 
5.) place lid on top. let boil about 15 minutes for pints & 20 for quarts & remove from water with a handy dandy canning tool like this one. you can get them at walmart or target in the little ball jar canning kits.

note: my jars didn't seal immediately. it took an hour or two for my first batch. but you know their sealed when the lid is sucked in & doesn't make a popping noise :)


{if anyone has any thoughts or knows more about canning than i do, please feel free to leave a comment! i'm still learning, so my way is doubtfully the best!}

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