Dec 8, 2010

hello again!

ahhhh. guys. i am the worst at blogging.
but for good reason.
well you see…we haven't had internet for the past two weeks.

i know what you're thinking.


but its actually been kind of nice.
its probably just the purist in me that secretly loathes technology. but then also not at the same time. its such a complicated relationship.
i have noticed though, that i have more free time in the day to read & things because of it.
& my beloved google - of which i am completely, whole-heartedly addicted to, has been the hardest to go without! but with that, i actually have to THINK about things & be more creative whereas before i would just immediately hop onto google & have it tell me.

for instance: i made up my own recipe for hummus. out of desperation, but it is my best batch yet (!!!) so take that google.

its also forced me to use my cookbooks more. & thus actually organize my cookbooks so good has come out of the whole thing.

okay. so now onto christmas things :)
on our way home from our coleman christ-giving celebration, we saw a sign on the side of the freeway very similar to this one below.
we had been planning on getting our tree up in boone like last year. we adore boone, but our month had already nearly filled up! so we were wracking our brains trying to find a date that would work to go.
this was a wonderful solution.

so meet our lovely christmas tree.
her name is gigi. named after the tropic smoothie stand we drove by on our way out of town.

& so after we picked her up, we decided to make a spontaneous stop into asheville to eat at tod's tasties & drive by our honeymoon inn. the most darling little bed & breakfast. maybe someday we'll go again?

oh. you may be asking how i am even posting now?
god must have just given me this one day of internet for my sanity.
i think maybe i'm ready to go a few more, now :)
ha. not.

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  1. Hi! We name our tree but it is always male. But this year my family is insisting it's a girl and her name is Cindy because she is the shortest tree we've had in years. (Cindy because I'm the shortest in the family =/ )

    I'm with you on the Google issue. But I have been enjoying an eCourse on sourdough bread making and learning more about how to soak grains, beans and nuts. I'm hoping to start my sourdough starter this week unless someone shows up with one soon.

    Merry Christmas! Cindy Calvert
    (Not really anonymous)