Dec 20, 2010

{make your own: toothsoap}

i have some goals.
things i want to do before my next birthday. i'll share the list when i finish it, but switching over to a mostly-natural beauty regimen is one of them. & toothsoap is my most recent switch-over.

the only thing you may not like about it is that you have to dip your finger into the jar & put it on your toothbrush. so i get that that's not super appealing to some people. it doesn't bother me a bit.
daniel is still squeezing out every drop of his colgate to avoid it for that very reason. until i get a toothpaste dispenser that is. its his only complaint.

so that is what i have to say to you…if you don't want to get your fingers messy - get a dispenser!
this is super easy to make. there are all kinds of recipes for toothsoap. but this particular one made the most sense to me. & had the most ingredients that i had at home.

i tweaked it juuust a bit as you'll see below. this is my first batch of it & i think you really should try it. just for a week. the first day it tasted just a little funny to me. partially because i used too much dr. bronner's & also because our toothpaste is SO SWEET!! 
i love that i know what is in this & how it makes my teeth feel so so clean :)

i'm pretty positive you'll love it too if you give it half a chance!

you will need:
1 teaspoon of dr. bronner's castile soap - the original recipe told me 1 tablespoon but it was WAY TOO SOAPY!!! you can add more if you want once everything is all mixed together. trust me. {i got the peppermint one at target. its by all of the natural makeup & burt's bee's things. it took me FOREVER to figure that out…}
5 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
10 drops of peppermint essential oil
10 drops of sweet orange essential oil {optional}

mix all together & put in a small, shallow jar.

here is a link i found that is similar that i'm going to try next time around & i'll let you know which one i like better!


  1. Oh! I have some store bought "natural" toothpaste and it has baking soda in it. Now I read that it is too abrasive on your teeth. Maybe after next week I will have to try this. tooth-soap...ummm...

  2. do you think you could do this without the peppermint oil?