Dec 28, 2010

some {afters} of our house.

i recently realized that i haven't mentioned our little home in awhile.
we're living here! i think i've at least said that much. we moved in at the end of october. it seems like so much longer already. i actually do miss living with daniel's parents. we had fun with them.
but its nice finally being here.
here are a few pictures of the befores and the kind of afters. only kind of because we're obviously not totally done. there are still curtains & pictures to hang & cute things. but that will all come in time.
i took a lot of these pictures right before our christmas housewarming party a few weeks ago.
or you can just believe that its always that clean :)

bathroom before >>>>>>>>>>>> & after
i reaaaally wanted to use an old sewing table for our sink basin. i couldn't tell you where i got the idea. i think it was actually an original one. most of my ideas come from other blogs in some shape or form. but i was thrilled with how it turned out :)

our entry-room afters

& before

dining room after

dining room before

family room afters

family room before. & i'm really missing this beautiful view right now...

bedroom kind-of after

bedroom before

its taken a lot of lovin' to get it this far! can't wait to see what it'll be in another few months!


  1. Each room looks so, so great! Such a charming little home.

  2. what a beautiful home... if andrew and i ever buy a home, can you and daniel come help us fix it up?

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous!!

  4. your house is beautiful I love it!!!

  5. awww thank you ladies :)

    carissa, just from the little peeks i've seen of your apartment, i think maybe you & andrew need to help us decorate our house! maybe we can switch services? haha.

  6. Your house is amazing! Loving all that space.

  7. I love before and afters. Thanks for sharing!

  8. great sink. saw a similiar one a few years ago here