Dec 10, 2010

{things i love today}

happy friday you all! hope you all have fun & festive things planned for the weekend.
we are going to a white christmas party tonite. i am SO excited :) its at my dear friend charlotte's house. they've done it every year for as long as i can remember. &&& its going to be so fun :)

so i've found a few super cute things while browsing online, & catching up on my google reader to share with you all.

maybe they could make some fun {last minute} christmas gifts?
this adorable wooden tea set.  this website has a lot of really fun kids toys. i really have no reason to be looking at them. honestly. 

GLASS straws. okay. these are kickin. they have all kind of fancy fun ones, but i kind of just like this one. its not really that boring, is it? i can just see myself in {much warmer weather} drinking smoothies by the gallon through these. & they're guaranteed not to break. sooooo there goes that excuse.

the recipe for these ginger bread men. i have NEVER made them. can you believe it? i think this is definitely the year, though.
this beautiful green holga from uo. oh my word.

these beautiful wool blankets. you know they're gonna be warm, guys. & the part that i love the very best - they are hand woven on prince edward island. pei for all you anne folks. & for someone that has so recently finished the series, that was just totally the icing on the cake for me :)

& i'm MOST excited about this bird cage lamp from uo!!!!! its the SAME one i posted a few months ago that i wanted to make!!! i saw it in a magazine & couldn't find the source for it. just no one go buying them all until i get one, okay?


  1. The glass straw & green Holga are my favorites! :) Great list.

  2. Oh, just the fact that those blankets were made in PEI makes me want one, too! I just just finished The Blue Castle by her, too, and loved it. The main character was very different from Anne. You should borrow it from Melissa, I'm just about to return it to her. =)