Dec 30, 2011

{caramel apple cider}

each winter time - & maybe even summer time, we treat ourselves to starbucks caramel apple cider.
then i watched them make it one day & realised that we could totally do it at home!

we've been making them for the last month & a half on an almost nightly basis. {& we are again tonight while we watch white christmas. surprise surprise}
i decided to make our syrups rather than buying them. the recipes make quite a bit & they really don't take long. but you could get the cinnamon dolce at starbucks this time of year, as well i believe.

you will need: {per 12oz. cup}
1.5 tablespoons of this caramel sauce
2 tablespoons of cinnamon dolce syrup
apple juice or cider

{honestly, though. i eyeball all of these things & taste & add & taste. that doesn't help for a recipe, though, but i think these amounts are just about what we use for our cider. maybe just a pinch more…}

optional: {for a more christmas-y cider}
cinnamon sticks
lemon slices {one per cup}
a pinch of nutmeg

Dec 28, 2011

{happy winter}

our christmas card in digital form. a few days late.

we hope you all are having the most happy of holiday seasons.
i can hardly believe 2012 is days away, now.

this blog has been such a blessing for our family. the encouragement from you all has been incredible. i feel like i know a lot of you in a funny sort of way. even just from seeing the same names commenting every so often - so thank you all!

Dec 19, 2011

{lavender hot cocoa}

one of my favourite things about winter time is all of the hot drinks we've been making.
& even daniel liked this lavender hot cocoa.

i know. i was a bit surprised, too.
all it does is add a bit of a warmer taste that you can feel down in your belly. its quite nice.
& to make it extra fun, we used dark chocolate instead of a cocoa mix - but you can really do either.

it only take a few extra minutes, & is worth a try at least once this winter!

you will need:
2 cups of milk
3 ounces of dark chocolate
1/4 tsp of dried lavender buds
1 tsp of vanilla

heat milk + lavender over medium heat until milk is beginning to steam. then set aside for 5-10 minutes & let the lavender seep into the milk a bit. then strain the lavender.
i opted to skip this step to make things go quicker, but you really don't want a lot of lavender buds in your cocoa. really. the texture is a bit weird. you could even pour your milk into a french press & strain if you don't have cheesecloth, which is probably what i'll do next time around...
now put your milk back on the stove & add chocolate & vanilla. stir until combined & top with a dollop of whipped cream & go watch yourself something festive. like white christmas.

Dec 15, 2011

{a fun song by us + heartbreaker photos of baby isaac}

no updates on our little man in awhile because we really haven't had any new news. & no news is very good news for us.

a normal day for me & isaac lately has been christmas movies & snuggles all morning & then i'll let him nap some in the afternoon & tackle bills or cleaning followed by dinner & more family time. other days are full of doctor visits< which at least get us out of the house. we've been little hermits over here & probably will be until flu season is over. hopefully by then isaac will be big & strong & ready to meet the world!

he is smiling more. & once or twice we have caught it on camera. he melts my heart every time.
also, big news…

we are going to have TWO redheaded colemans! isaac has a little mullet that is coming in auburn. i couldn't be more proud :)
in unrelated news - daniel threw together a little slideshow of some pictures of us over the past two years. it was actually really fun for me to watch. it makes me remember all of the fun things we did - just us two before our wonderful, but life changing little boy.

daniel may or may not have something to do with the song ;)

Dec 13, 2011

{diy tree skirt}

this kind of post may seem familiar. its how a lot of them used to be before little man stole the show ;)
in between naps & feedings & doctors these past few weeks i've squeezed in little bits of time to work on a few projects.

we've been in need of a little tree skirt redo.
& theres been a lot of tutorials for no-sew ones floating around, so i did the same thing - folded over pleats to make lots of ruffles, only i ended up sewing mine after all. it just felt more secure. hot glue doesn't love sticking for me that well. & i actually think it ended up saving me a good bit of time - so if you HAVE a sewing machine - i like how it turned out quite well :)

you will need:
4-5 yards of fabric
a rotary cutter & board
a sewing machine & thread
an existing tree skirt

-wash & dry fabric & cut into strips. i did 4 inch strips & it took me about 5 hours to make this. i think if you did 5 inch strips, it would speed things up a bit, though…
-fold over fabric & pin onto your tree skirt so you are making ruffles - you'll want to start on the outside & work your way to the middle, so your last row will be the smallest. after you finish each row, sew & repeat - covering 1/2 to 1 inch of the previous row each time.

& a few christmas movies later, you're done!

its a bit late in the season to be making tree skirts, so sorry for my tardiness. let me know if you try it!

Nov 30, 2011


just two days before isaac came, we were out taking pictures with our wonderful friend & buying gogurt.

things change awfully fast.

we haven't had any pictures of us since our wedding, so this was kind of a family shoot to celebrate two years & also to get some pictures of me pregnant still - although you can't totally tell in a lot of them.

its already funny to see myself with a belly. & at that time i couldn't imagine ever being able to lay on my stomach again...

{all photos copyright of blue kite photo  - check out his work! michael is incredible}

Nov 29, 2011

{& the winner is…}

head on over to knox's blog {if you haven't already} & pick out your toms!!!
{& by the way…i want a picture once you get them!}

i've kind of kept quiet this past week, if you all haven't noticed. when knox & kendra first mentioned doing this giveaway i was first of all, totally amazed by knox. daniel & i haven't even met him & he has spent so much time & his own money into this giveaway & he would probably try to downplay that & say it really isn't that big of a deal - but it really is, so THANK YOU. & thank you kendra for helping out this past week, too & for the crazy amount of people that tweeted about this & got the whole #babyisaac thing going. it was insane to watch all of that happening!

we are totally humbled - because i don't know if we would have given like you all have in the past. every person that donated to us is amazing whether it was $5 or $500 - just taking the time & sacrificing funds {that i know are in short supply for so many people} to do that for us means so much & HELPS so much.

isaac is the most beautiful & costly gift we've ever received - in a lot of ways. but right at the outset it helps incredibly much to know we don't have to worry about bills so much & can just take care of & love on him.

i'm pretty sure i could type for forever & it wouldn't be enough to thank you all. just know that we are beyond grateful for each & every one of you. & isaac is grateful, too.

much much love,
the colemans.

Nov 22, 2011

{win a pair of TOMs & more}

Hello readers and friends of Mindy!

My name is Kendra Sands. I have had the pleasure of being friends with Mindy and Daniel since before they were "the Colemans in love". They are very very dear to me. I asked permission to hijack the blog today to share with you an awesome opportunity to help them out!

After reading a lot of your comments, I know that you all love Mindy, Daniel and Isaac very much...that you have carried them in prayers, and that you ache for a way to serve them.
Mindy doesn't talk much about it, but you can probably guess that the hospital expenses in caring for sweet Isaac are quite intense.

You might not have noticed, but there is a button to the right that you can click on to donate to help them out. If you have given already, THANK YOU.
An awesome blogging friend of mine, Knox McCoy, began following the Coleman's story a few months back. He has a baby girl about the same age as Isaac, so their story hit close to home. Knox came up with a brilliant idea to help them raise money for Isaac's medical bills, and also allow you to win a pair of TOMs!
So please go to Knox's blog to find out more:

Also, please help by spreading the word about this giveaway. Tweet it, blog it, facebook it, tattoo it on your neck, whatever you can do to help!

PS- And while I am here, maybe you all can settle a mini-debate Daniel and I had. I like to think of Isaac having a deeper, tough guy voice. That is how i make him talk when I'm around him. Daniel gives him a higher pitched, kinda squeaky voice. Like a cartoon puppy. Which do you feel would be more accurate?

Nov 21, 2011

{a map of prayers}

isaac's map is in place.
over 200 pins & a lot of googling cities later.

it really gives me chills just thinking of all of the beautiful people from all over the world it represents.

all we can really say is thank you.
its not really enough, but we truly mean it.

i wish we could hug each of you that have lifted up our little family in prayer, & know all of your names & say how much it means to us in person. but we hope you all feel at least a little bit of our gratitude & know you are represented in a small, but special way through this.

Nov 19, 2011

{home again}

as of friday afternoon, our sweet little boy came home - after seven weeks.
he was a bit overwhelmed, at all of the newness & color & the quietness of our home compared to the NPCN, but he's a quick adjuster, & i'm pretty sure he is going to like it here :)

we are so loving our time with him all snuggled up at home. & its good to just be in our home again. its been a really long time since we've been here too, except to sleep. we're starting to feel a bit more like ourselves again...

thank you for all of the prayers that have carried us through the past seven weeks, & really the last 10 months. & for all of the prayers that will continue as isaac's little journey progresses. things happened so much differently than we even thought we had prepared ourselves for, but we were reminded again tonite that even though isaac & us have a lot ahead of us that may be really hard & painful, we are just cherishing today & the fact that his body is functioning well & feel so blessed to be his parents…almost a year of  craziness with our first little boy still hasn't left us totally hopeless. maybe a little worn. & maybe a little cried out. but we will experience so much in life that now that we never would with another baby. god picked us out the perfect piece that was missing in our family of two.

leaving the hospital friday was actually a lot more emotional than i thought it would be. as thrilled as we were for isaac to be coming home, his little room was starting to feel more like home than our actual home & we have gotten so used to seeing his nurses & love so many of them, it was really sad thinking that we wont see them often from now on…

but being home is even better than i could have imagined.
we're just joining in on the sleepless parent syndrome. i'm pretty sure we even dreamt about being exhausted last night when i acutally did get a bit of sleep, but we will take the sleepless nights {mostly} gladly.

home to us almost seems free of fanconi anemia & all of the fears of what isaac's future may look like {for now} & he is just a normal, beautiful baby that just wants to be fed ALL the time. so one chapter ends & another begins.

& all i can think about right now…is how hard it is going to be when daniel goes to work & i have to grocery shop & make doctors appointments between his feeding times & all of the 'normal' mommy things that i've missed out on for the last while. & thats a nice thing to try to figure out for a change :)

Nov 14, 2011

{a weekend to catch up}

we spent  the first part of our weekend bustling about the house trying to get things in a bit of order because…

isaac could possibly possibly be coming home this week {!!!}

daniel spent a lot of saturday burrowed down in our crawlspace insulating our kitchen & breakfast nook {the floor was icy cold last winter} 

we've also been working towards getting my car fixed. we had a bit of a breakdown a few days ago in the parking deck of the hospital actually. smoke everywhere. {i did have a bit of a stress-fest for a few hours over it. i have to confess. but after i thought about it - it was kind of silly. theres so many other things that should be upsetting right now, so what is a bit of car trouble, really. so many other great things happened this past week, too, that i shouldn't really focus on the little bit of bad}

it really was the first time i think i've been at home for more than just sleeping in probably two weeks. & it was actually really nice to just putter around & organise things & mess around in the kitchen a bit.

so a lot is going on. we cannot WAIT to bring our little button home. i'm trying not to get my hopes up too terribly much, but it can hardly be helped.

isaac is doing so wonderfully. he's eating great & he's so much more alert now. & we had a big pow-wow with quite a few of our doctors that was really helpful & i also met a FA mom & her son friday afternoon that was SO encouraging.

thank you all, too, for the sweet birthday wishes. i was so spoiled this past week by my husband & sweet friends & a snuggly little baby. it couldn't have been a better week, i think :)

Nov 8, 2011

{happy birthday to me}

the sweetness that awaited me this morning at the hospital :)
my favorite baby boy with a present him & dad have been planning.
& a birthday banner from one of our sweet night nurses.
& chic fil a. also from a nurse.
they are really starting to feel like friends to us. i suppose thats what happens when you've been at the hospital for so long.

it really truly was, i think, my best birthday yet.
23 may not be the easiest of years, but i know already that it will be wonderful with my two boys by my side.

Nov 1, 2011

{fanconi anemia}

thats what our brave little son has.
its complicated.
its super uncommon, so there isn't an overabundance of research or awareness.
& thats why we are talking about it, now.

because our son has it & even the fact that the doctors were able to identify it this early is really a miracle in itself. our geneticist had seen a case of it over 10 years ago & saw similarities with isaac.
a lot of doctors don't even know what it is, or have never seen it before.
but he asked that isaac be tested for it & it all came back positive.

i know most of you aren't doctors, & i'm not either. i've just been living in a hospital for the last month. but if you only know two sentences about FA, this is what it is:

fanconi anemia is a rare blood disorder. it often doesn't show itself, or begin to affect its patients until school age - but everything is arbitrary. it could be much sooner, or possibly a bit later. the result is bone marrow failure {the inability to produce blood cells}. The only thing that can be done for this is a bone marrow transfusion. & also because of the problem with blood cells, FA kids are at a much much higher risk of developing leukemia or other cancers, too. FA also can come with its list of anomalies, such as kidney troubles, slow or stunted growth, missing thumbs, an imperforate anus - all things isaac has. 

it absolutely broke my heart to hear this about our boy.
i was angry & hurt. daniel wasn't there with me. it was all i could do to make it to my car before i curled up & cried. i had thought the worst was {possibly} over & this news just took my breath away.
its still hard & i would still possibly cry talking to you about it - but since the initial news, our hearts have changed.

it breaks my heart for our little boy - & honestly, it hurt too, because it broke the dream i had of this perfect little family - perfect as in not having to do with doctors & hospitals & transfusions & cancer...thats not apart of anyones plan when they start thinking about a family. & it definitely wasn't apart of mine.

but then i started thinking more about it & daniel talked me thru a lot & we prayed.
& so maybe isaac won't be 'guaranteed' the long & simple life i wanted for him. but then, no one really is. & in the meantime we can't consume ourselves with what could happen next year, or in five years, or ten because daniel & i aren't guaranteed that time, either.

we are definitely going to fight this with everything we have. we're going to study our brains out & email doctors & other families & we're going to pray every day that God heals our boy. but we are also going to just enjoy him each day for as long as we're all together. however long that is, knowing that he is the perfect boy for us & we're the perfect parents for him. & that the situation hurts - but we won't let it steal our joy in isaac or our joy in life.

this is kind of heavy.
& honestly, this is way worse than anything we had even expected. we had debated as to whether we wanted to share this with people on a really wide scale. but FA doesn't limit isaac or us. it doesn't change the wonderful plans God has for this boy & we definitely still are in need of prayer & we want people to know how they can pray for isaac.

this is going to be a long journey for the three of us & there are about a thousand questions we have, but we'll make it through & we'll keep laughing & loving each other & our son & our Lord.

much love to all of our friends - to the ones we've met & also the one's we haven't.

"Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, & yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? & which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life?….Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day"

Matthew 10:26-27;34

Oct 28, 2011

{cheers to a beautiful, fallish friday}

my mommas heart is glad again.
i'm well enough to see my little boy again.
we listened to coldplay together all morning & had a wonderful time.

did i say thank you already to everyone that took the time to leave us comments for isaac's project? we were SO overwhelmed by how many of you posted & have encouraged us. we have our map {it is a world map too! a few of you had asked…} & pins are  bought {we opted for a pretty made one instead of cork cut outs this time} & our list is just about complete. can't wait to share with you all what it looks like when its done.

i'm just about positive its going to make me cry…

p.s. working on another isaac update. i know it was awful to allude to news & not post about it. its just taking some time to get it all sorted out in our minds before we share.

Oct 26, 2011

{family update}

today has been hard on my mommy heart.
on my way home from the hospital yesterday i started feeling really dizzy & toasty. then a sweet friend brought us dinner last night &  diagnosed me {100% correctly} with mastitis {she also totally papered me & got me set up on the couch & cleaned our house. SUCH a blessing} its actually not as scary as it sounds & i'm on antibiotics now, so hopefully with some more rest I'll be good to go tomorrow.

it was incredibly hard being away from my little man all day today. i don't think i could go another whole day without him…

luckily grandmoms have been able to fill in for me in the meantime, & daniel is with him tonite.

we also got {hopefully} the very last bit of news about isaac - some tests came back late last week.
it seems like its just been one thing after another with our brave little boy & every time we finally can wrap our minds around one thing we are surprised with something new & thats definitely discouraging. as much as we are trying to trust God with this -we have our moments of weakness & we've shed a good bit of tears. but as difficult as things can seem right now, isaac has made our family richer. god picked the perfect little boy for us.

we have lots to think about now - but they're mostly future things. i'm not quite ready for that post yet, though. {sorry! not trying to leave you all hanging} but for now our little man is doing well & we're still working on his eating to get him home. maybe just maybe by my birthday ;)

"You can be in no circumstances in which the Lord can not help you, in which he will not help you, if you look simply to him, rest on him, and wait for him. For every condition in which you may be placed, there is a promise; by that promise the Lord stands pledged to appear for you and help you; he is ever ready to deliverer you; only he will have you believe his word, exercise confidence in him, plead the promise at his throne, and wait for its fulfillment. Wait, then, on the Lord at all times. Times will change, creatures will vary, but the Lord remains always the same. In youth and health, in manhood and prosperity, in old age and its infirmities, we should wait on the Lord. He will adapt his mercies to us, make all his goodness pass before us, and cause all things to work together for our good. He will never leave us, change his views of us, or withhold his tender mercies from us. He is faithful to his word, true to his character, and full of love to his people.

Whatever change there may be in creatures, there is no change in him. Health may give way to sickness, plenty to poverty, strength to weakness, and life to death, but he is the same. With him there is no variableness, neither shadow of a turn. Therefore, "wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord."

Oct 23, 2011

{happy birthday, husband}

daniel turned 24 yesterday.
we celebrated by getting away early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the lake + family waffle breakfast time + afternoon snuggles with isaac & an early bedtime.
we are going to be a bundle of birthdays & holidays between the three of us.
hope to be taking him home in the next week or two :)

Oct 20, 2011

{happy 17 days}

little man is getting so big & so much more aware of whats going on, it seems.

one bit of very good news is that monday morning when i came in, they surprised us {or me. daniel is back at work during the daytimes now} by saying that they were moving isaac to progressive care. thats just one step away from home, so we couldn't have been more excited.

a perk of being in this nursery, too {isaac i'm sure, couldn't care less, but mom & dad are liking it} is that it's in the new part of the hospital & he has his own little room now & even a window that looks outside so he can start soaking up a few sun rays.

right now they're just monitoring his shunt & also trying to get him to gain a bit of weight & start bottle feeding. he can take about 2 bottles a day & the rest is going thru the little tube you see in his nose - he's making a lot of progress, though! someone came by to check him out today & agreed with daniel & i that he is doing super duper :)

they're still trying to get a few things worked out still, but overall he's really doing great & we couldn't be more proud of him.

if there could be only one thing we would ask continued prayer for, it would be that his shunt would continue to drain the fluid out of his brain like its supposed to & will heal & repair itself. he had an ultrasound done on it to check & see what kind of progress was being made while i was there today, but we still don't have any kind of results back yet. we'll keep you all posted :)

much love,

the colemans
{mindy, daniel & isaac}

Oct 15, 2011

{12 blessed days}

i miss this funny little face tonite.
he is the most expressive little baby i've ever seen. he makes us laugh so much already.
i can't wait to hold him without a plastic yellow gown on all the time.

we are getting closer to him coming home for a little bit.
we'll be making some back & forth trips for awhile to be sure, but those will just be for a week or so at a time. the neurosurgeon came by again today to check on how things were going with his little head.
his shunt is draining just a bit quickly, so we have to hold him horizontally for the next few days, but they are pleased with how he is doing. so if they are pleased, we are perfectly happy.

he'll be moving over to progressive care just as soon as he can start bottle feeding + keep a bit more food down. they're mostly feeding him thru the tube in his nose right now, but we try to use a bottle with him 2x a day. it just tuckers him out to try to eat, it seems like. we can't get him to stay awake for anything.

progressive care means almost home for us, so we are thrilled & also a bit nervous at the thought of finally caring for him at home without a monitor hooked up to make sure he's breathing all the time.

but God has sustained our little boy thru so much so far & we trust he will do the same when we finally get him here with us.

his nurses are all telling us he is going to be positively rotten with all of the hugs & snuggles & kisses he's getting from us & grandparents & friends. but i think thats a good thing :)

p.s. we were totally BLOWN AWAY by all of the people that responded to our last post!!!!!
we're definitely doing some kind of world map & will post a photo when its all done. we can't wait to share it with him, thank you all so much for helping us out & thank you for all of the prayers for our little man.

Oct 13, 2011

{we need your help for a special project}

isaac's surgery seemed to go really well this morning! {& we went in really early this morning to get some holding time with him beforehand}

it was a 2 hour procedure. but they kept us updated all the while. we got to walk him up to the OR & met all of the surgeons. they were all so sweet to us & we got to kiss on him before he left.

the anesthesia he was under today was a lot less than last week, so he started waking up around 3 this afternoon. he's looking a little roughed up. they shaved another little section on his head, so i think we may just grow a little mullet this winter & wear lots of cozy hats. & he has glue & tape all over him, but he still looks pretty handsome for just coming out of surgery, i think :)

our hearts are much more peaceful now & our boy is just a little bit closer to coming home for awhile.

& on an unrelated note:

we are working on a special project for isaac. we have been so incredibly touched by all of the prayers from people for him - our friends & family & from people we don't know in other states & overseas…

we thought it would be really special to make a map in his room with pins from all of the places people have prayed for him from so we can not only tell him as he grows up but show him, too, how God has protected him & how people have cared for our family.

so thats where we need you all to help us out. we've gone back thru a lot of previous posts - even from way back when we first found out about isaac & its been so great to re-read those comments & start tracking places, but we don't have locations for a lot of them, too. so if you have prayed for our little boy, please leave a comment letting us know & also where you're from so we can get pinning!

it's going to be our night-time project & hopefully we'll have it all done for when he gets home :)

Oct 12, 2011

{more big things in store for mr. isaac}

hi friends,

just wanted to give you all a quick update on our little man :)

today we got to spend a nice long morning with him snuggling & then with the afternoon came sweet friend visitors & also a feeding time & colostomy bag that needed to be changed & the neurosurgeon all at the same time. {i'm so sorry charlotte & anne!} so with the neurosurgeon brought news that isaac was having his next surgery tomorrow morning. a shunt. {a little tube that is going to drain the fluid in his brain}

we knew this day would come - but we had been thinking it wouldn't be for another month or so, so it took us off guard quite a bit & any surgery is scary, & isaac still looks so tiny, we were just feeling really anxious about this happening. we talked & prayed a lot for isaac & feel quite a bit better now about this happening. it really needs to happen whether we feel good about it or not, though.

putting in a shunt is a fairly common & 'safe' procedure, but anything happening around his little brain is just scary for us. the success rate for them is only about 70%. so it could potentially become infected or have to be rewired at some point in the next year, & that wouldn't be the end of the world, but we're still praying against those things - isaac will have surgeries enough without another one to add to the list.
& just with the suddenness {at least to us} of this procedure, we're also praying that if this surgery tomorrow isn't supposed to happen just yet, that the doctors schedule won't allow time to do it after all.  he's scheduled for 8:30 in the morning, but depending on how some other things go earlier in the morning that his doctor has scheduled - it could potentially be postponed.

but with this surgery isaac is also one step closer to coming home with us. & that will be a wonderful day we can't wait for.

{meeting isaac for the very first time}

Oct 10, 2011

{happy one week birthday, little man}

wow. what an incredible week for us.
its been so much harder than we even could have imagined - being in the hospital & all of the tests & the news from doctors - both good & bad.

but also so much sweeter when we get to snuggle with our little man.
i didn't think it was possible to love him so much as we do. it hurts our hearts to be away from him, but the past two nights back home have been good for us, too. we're getting some much needed sleep finally & catching up on laundry & little life things.

we had a quieter weekend with him, followed by a busy monday today with lots of visits from doctors.
they did an ultrasound on his brain this morning to see how the fluid is going down and/or moving/collecting & we don't have an official report back yet. the left side of his brain was about 4x bigger than his right, but it's looking like thats starting to shift & the two sides are more proportional from the looks of things -- off the record. still, we were really glad to hear the news.

sunday was a weepy day for us when little man had his eyes examined & they think he has optic nerve hypoplasia, which just means that the nerves in his eyes don't look like they're quite developed. that could mean lots & lots of things that we wont know for awhile. on the vision scale it could range from almost normal to legally blind, but we've researched it some & feel better about things.

we also really feel like he can see us. he looks straight at us & seems to know who we are.

it doesn't seem fair for him all the time to have all of this going on, but we don't know the big picture. we don't know what plans God has for him, but we do know he is here for a purpose & he is something really special.

we are praying nonstop for our little man. for healing. for peace. that he would know that his parents love him & that Jesus loves him most of all.

thank you all SO much for praying for isaac. its been so encouraging at the end of a really hard day to see so many other people have been praying for him, too. it makes our hearts glad.

Oct 6, 2011

{day four with our little man}

Isaac had his very best day yet, today. We are so thrilled.
The morning started off a bit rough - we weren't able to see him until early afternoon because of some business in the nursery, but he was doing well all the while & we made up for it in the afternoon.

You can see in his little picture his shaved head & the VAD there on top where they're draining some of the fluid. We watched them do that today. I thought I wouldn't be able to watch, but it was actually really interesting. Everything has been so far. I'm surprised at all of the things I've been able to stomach. Maybe I could have been a nurse after all...
Then we got to help his nurse clean up some of the glue on his head & face & everything from the respirator & band-aids & things.

The little splints on his arms look a lot worse than they are. They're just stretching the muscles in his hands. It was actually really cool. We watched the occupational therapist make them for him so they fit his little hands perfectly. They are SO adorable on him. They look like little wings when he raises his arms. He's not a big fan of them yet. There was actually a tiny bit of velcro on one of them that wasn't covered & he got them stuck together when he was wiggling around. He's already making us laugh lots - very fitting of his name :)

He's off of all breathing tubes & monitors. He just has an IV in his leg for antibiotics, & a more permanent IV in his other leg for everything else. & he's pooping. I never thought that would be such a big deal or make us so happy. But that is really good news, because it means his surgery was successful & his tummy is working well, so the doctor gave him the a-ok to start feeding him this afternoon. He guzzled it down SO fast & seems to be digesting everything really well so far.

We got a bit of an idea of what will need to happen before he comes home, too. It could be Thanksgiving time, possibly. But mostly because theres another surgery that will need to happen with his intestines that will happen in 6 to 8 weeks & depending on how well he eats & how his tummy heals, we may be able to bring him home for a bit in between time. But that also will depend on if the fluid in his brain keeps on accumulating or if it just drains and is okay, which is what we are praying for. So we will try to be patient & we really do want him healthy & strong before he comes home, so we'll just have to get used to this type of 'normal' for at least a little while.

Thank you thank you for continued prayers for us & our little boy! We can't wait for you all to meet him & we can't wait for him to meet all of the people who have been praying for him all this time!

{day three + sweet man's little face}

Just a quick picture of our sweet boy after surgery - actually its a still from a video we we were taking of him.

He's a bit taped & wired up & they shaved off some of his pretty hair - but he is beautiful still.
Sorry we haven't really been keeping everyone in the loop. We've been totally without techie tools the past few days. No fancy phones or cameras or laptops until super recently. I don't think we totally totally thought thru the fact that we wouldn't be home for quite awhile. So thank you dad for letting us steal your laptop :)

Okay, so here is whats going on with our little son.

All in all, we are really encouraged today. Its nice to have yesterday behind us & to be over a little hurdle. It seems as though everything that they've found with Isaac - both things that we were expecting & things we weren't, are so far on the better side of what they could be. The one major thing we still don't know much about - & probably won't really realistically for awhile is how the fluid in his brain is going to affect him as he gets older - we'll just have to be patient while he heals & grows.

So {somewhat} quickly & simply, so far this is what is going on:

-the hydrocephalus {fluid in brain} is slowly being drained now. One of the surgeries yesterday - the latter one, was putting a VAD just under the skin on top of his head. {from what we can understand} its about the size of a large coat buton & they are going to manually drain the fluid from there for now. That was kind of different from what we originally had talked about. Originally they were going to insert a shunt, which is a tube that connects from his head down to his stomach & his body would absorb the fluid that way. The reason this didn't happen was because...

-Isaac was actually born with an imperforate anus, which just means that his little bottom hole isn't there. So that was kinda shocking, but actually made sense with some of the ultrasounds that we had seen problems with his bowels in. That was surgery number one, & it went really well, but because all of his tummy area is kind of tender right now so they're not wanting to route any tubes down there just yet - hence the VAD. So back to the bowel stuff - right now they have just re-routed everything temporarily to a little sack on the outside of his tummy, but in the next few months they'll do another surgery & then another or two over time & can get everything all fixed up for him & working. It apparently isn't a super uncommon thing...& surgery went really well it seems like. We're still waiting to make sure everything healed up & is working as it should - but it sounds like it all went really well!There could have been a lot more complications with his kidneys, bowels & intestines, but all of those are looking okay :)

a few other more minor things that we'll just have to watch are:

-his missing radius bones {one of the two bones in the lower arm, that connect from the elbow to wrist} he is actually missing both of his thumbs too. it's actually really really cute looking having his hands curled up. & we kind of didn't notice the thumbs until a nurse told us. we talked with an orthopedic surgeon & the only action we're taking right now is getting him little stretchers for his arms/hands & in a year or two they can do a surgery that takes one of his fingers & makes it an opposable thumb, so he really should be able to do just about everything with them that anyone else would.

-his kidneys are fused together. & both on the left side. super bizarre, but they're functioning just fine! so we'll have to have them checked out every once in awhile just to make sure things are working right, but they're great so far.

he has a touch of jaundice, so we've been saying he's in his tanning bed all day today. they have a little pair of goggles for him, too.

& he's got scoliosis in his upper his daddy :)

he's been pretty sedated for a lot of the day today still - recoving from his big day yesterday.
but even so it was our best day with him yet, even though we didn't get to hold him. he is so strong & so many people have been holding him up in prayer, its no wonder he's been such a little trooper - & he's getting some good books read to him in the meantime :)

i know everything is crazy/technical but we know that hardly anyone really knows what's going on yet. so that is basically it!

we're still believing that God gave us this little man to take care of & love & He can still perfectly heal his little body. but no matter what, he is perfect to us.

the Colemans

Oct 4, 2011

{baby isaac is here!}

just a super quick little post to let you all know that our sweet little boy is HERE!
born october 3rd at 12:30 in the morning.
he beat his induction date by a few days. he just wanted to be here a bit sooner :)

we could not be more in love with him. he is perfect to us in every way. we both cry every time we see him just thinking that he's ours & he's the little kicker that we have been praying for that was in my tummy for the past nine months.

he has the sweetest little face i've ever seen. & he's been such a little warrior with all of the poking, x-rays, iv's & the surgeries he had today. he was still under anesthesia from them when we went in to visit this evening, but all of his vitals are good. one hurdle is jumped, so tomorrow will be sweet to know that we can just be with him more.

thank you all SO much for praying for us & for the sweet emails & everything.
i know this isn't much of an update. we're just still super overwhelmed with everything going on.
i think we had prepared for this as much as possible, but its still just so emotional on top of all of the mommy hormones that are going crazy & the lack of sleep. so just know we are so blown away by everyones kindness - i wish we could hug & thank each one of you personally & hopefully we will with a lot of you, but until then know that we are grateful!

the colemans

Oct 2, 2011

{maybe my last post for awhile}

tonite i think is just going to be a sleepless night.
i've fought quite a few of them lately, but this one is a little too achey to fall back asleep, i'm pretty sure.

so after a doctors appt. on friday, my induced-by date is still the same, but apparently there's a pretty good chance i could go into labor on my own early. like, any time.

dudes, you don't have to read this stuff. i will try not to be graphic.
but as of friday morning, i was over 3cm dilated + my cervix was at about 85%, & i've had more contractions since, but always somewhat inconsistently, so this little guy could just decide he wants to be here before then pretty easily, i think.

so just in case i'm mia for awhile, i'll have a few guest posts here & there. & i've also dug up a few favorite past post to keep you company:

our favorite pita chips

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Sep 29, 2011

{1 week to b-day}

i haven't talked about a lot of 'normal' baby things on here, i suppose.
but isaac is a pretty exceptional little baby, so i guess that makes sense :)

since we've had an actually meet-baby-date, things have been coming together really well over here. everything is finally coming together. i think we just needed an ultimatum to really get things in gear.

-we had a baby shower for ii at daniel's work. totally their idea. & it was the sweetest thing ever. i wasn't expecting for all of daniel's co-workers to be so above & beyond sweet to us & our little guy. it was a cash shower too, which worked out perfectly - we had a few things left to get him. umm…actually a few pretty big things, so it ended up being awesome. cloth diapers, crib & pack 'n play are now bought :)

-speaking of cloth diapers. yes. we are. you probably aren't terribly surprised if you've read any of my other crazy ventures with these types of things. after talking to different friends, we {but really, mostly i. who's REALLY going to be changing most of these diapers here, anyways :P} decided to not buy all of one type of diapers. i'm getting a little over half pocket-diaper style & the rest are prefolds. everyone likes different ones for different reasons, & i wasn't really sure which ones i would end up liking the most. so half & half it is. we have 2 grovias, 2 fuzzibunz, 1 flip {all prefold} & 6 bumgenius {pocket diapers}. i think thats all…11 total for now. but i can easily buy more once i decide which i really like or if we just need more. i talked to a lot of people & researched a lot & i really don't think it will be much more effort than disposable ones. a little more, obviously, but an extra load of laundry here & there isn't a big deal. plus i've just never been a big fan of how disposable diapers smell. & we crunched some numbers & these will end up being a loooot cheaper. & they're just pretty looking. i mean colored diapers? yes please. we bought the majority of them via cottonbabies. they offer free shipping all the time, too, which is AMAZING.

-crib is bought. from ikea. we had the hardest time finding a crib after a ton of them were recalled in june. but we have one now. it feels like a real baby room :)

-our office & closet is finally organised {as much as it will ever be} thanks to a slew of fancy boxes & some file tossing.

-kitchen is cleaned from top to bottom. literally. the walls & everything. & is the proud holding place for our new juicer, too, which i am totally in love with.

-we are having a doula with us when they induce me next week. i guess thats a piece of news that we hadn't mentioned until now. i am so thrilled about it. i'll write up a post later on how/why we decided to go this route, because i think its a great option that people don't talk about a lot :)

i'm actually incredibly excited about next week. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm not fooling myself into thinking its going to be a cake walk at ALL. it's going to huuuuuurt! but this is a little more purposeful than just being in massive amounts of pain for pains sake. so when i think about being in labor in seven days, when i'm all nice & cozy in front of my computer now - it really is exciting to me just knowing that our little boy will really nearly be here. i can make it through any day so long as i have daniel & know that we finally get to meet isaac on the other end of things. he's kept us in suspense for so long. it'll be - maybe not nice, but good - to have some answers to all of our questions soon.