Jan 3, 2011

{2 cents project}

i never posted this from back in november. its just been sitting in my drafts box. & even though its so late, i wanted to share it all the same. it was such a wonderful day.

the weekend before thanksgiving, daniel & i helped with a project my friend briauna & her friend amanda started.
it was initially a school project i think. but they just totally made it into something amazing.
way beyond any project.

so let me be honest here.
i was nervous about this.
i wasn't chomping at the bit to reach out to homeless people. a part of me did. & a lot of me didn't just because its uncomfortable.
daniel has always had such a heart for them. & it scared me to do this sort of thing.
which is why i'm really really glad i did it.

but when the day of actually came around, the lord totally calmed my heart & replaced all of the worry & anxiety with compassion.
i don't think daniel & i will ever forget this day for as long as we live.
it was so amazing to be apart of something so outside of ourselves & our little world.
it was completely eye opening & made my heart so grateful for the overabundance of things we have.

i could type on forever & ever about what all happened & how faithful the lord was, but just a few things happened that were amazing i want to share:

-we had to change the location for this event less than 24 hours before it happened.
flyers had been handed out, it had been advertised for, but when we were told we couldn't do it where we had planned, in spite of all of that, when we went out to give people flyers that day, everyone already knew about it & where it would be! it was amazing. there really wasn't even a need for us to tell anyone.

-over 350 people showed up. WAY more than we had expected. & we were sure we didn't have enough food & coats for them all, but at the end of the day we ended up with 1 extra plate of food & 4 extra coats.

here is the lady of the day who put SO much hard work into this!
don't you just love her already? the woman beside her, cleo, spread the word & helped bring a lot of the people that were there! she also graced us with a tour of her 'home' at the end of the day that i still don't even have words for. she had a beautiful view of downtown & had made little gardens & a make-shift bbq. it was actually really magical.

this man completely melted my heart. daniel talked to him for a long time outside before we got him to join us indoors. he was out in the cold with only a tank top on & had recently been stabbed on the side of his head there. he just absolutely began weeping once he came inside & people were caring & praying for him.
its hard to keep it all together in times like that!

these two guys hung out with us for the entire day. at the event. at chipotle. they are vagabonds who were making their way across the country & just happened to be in charlotte.
or not so much. jack (right) became a christian the next day when a few of the volunteers picked him & his friend up for church.

here are just a few of the girls that volunteered.

& a few of the guys.

& that was our saturday before thanksgiving! we would love to continue doing things like this in the coming years. i think we will :)


  1. I love this!
    And I also love that you love Jesus, because He's the best.
    Keep it comin'!

  2. I know that older man that is eating. Well, I don't KNOW him. But, we do ministry uptown Charlotte at Trade & Tryon every Saturday night and he always comes and dances the night away!