Jan 27, 2011

{another item off my list}

no. 14 "paint & orgainize lucy's closet"

lucy is the name we have picked out for our someday-daughter, by the way. so this wont necessarily be 'her' room. but we have every room in our house named. it helps keep us on the same page when we're talking about projects & things.

the funny thing about these pictures is that you may think {other than the color} that this closet really didn't look at all bad before i painted it.
but that is just not so. painting a closet wouldn't typically be at the top of my list either, but you would have just had to see it in person.
the part that you can't see in the pictures on the left are the cobwebs & layers of dirt. but most of what bothered me was the smell! maybe my nose was just super sensitive, but i smelled lead every time i went in there & therefore didn't want to put anything in it.
but now its fresh & clean & i just need to find some nice wicker storage bins, but otherwise - complete :)

so thats three items down. just 9 months & 20 more to go!

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