Jan 18, 2011

{blog lovin}

google reader has been my faithful, constant companion all this last year.
i love how quickly i've been able to hop on & catch ideas from blogs i love,
but recently i've found something else i love {possibly} even better.

{i'm sorry google reader!!!}

its called blog lovin. 

i have a little icon for them on the right-hand side of my blog now.

you sign up, can add your blog & follow other blogs you love.
what i especially like, as opposed to google reader is how much more streamlined & clean everything is. also, i can scroll through blogs i love even more quickly, as you can see below.

some posts, especially from photography blogs have LOTS of pictures that i love to look at, but often times they take awhile to load & you have to scroll & scroll to reach the bottom. this just shows the first paragraph or so from each post + a picture & i just click on it. & that takes you to the actual blog page. which i ALSO love. its so much prettier to look at blogs on their actual pages, i think.

so just some food for thought!

if you read blogs at all, i would totally suggest this or google reader as a helpful filtering tool :)

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