Jan 4, 2011

{i am boycotting new years resolutions}

how many people did even two of their new years resolutions last year?
can you even remember your resolutions last year?
{wait, yes. i blogged them & kind of did the working out one. until a few months ago. semi-fail.}

i think, for me at least, this just proves how undisciplined i can be. new years is a great time to think about new goals & things you want to accomplish or improve in, but if you only take the time to think about these things on new year's your likelihood to succeed is probably next to none.

wow. what a debbie downer today. sorry!

so basically. i don't want new years resolutions. i want a year full of re-evaluating what i want to change. what daniel & i together want to change. to acknowledge what we're doing well, or okay or not so great & not just at the beginning of the year.

& this year, my list is a little different, anyways. its not just a new resolve to work out or continue to eat better, which are both great things. but they're also very big things. they're lifestyle changes. & some of the things i want to do this year aren't quite that life-changing. there are some fun things on my list too.
at least they are fun to me :)

one thing that helps me is to physically have my list written down somewhere where i wont lose it over the course of the year.

i looooove making lists. so having one long one that will last me all year is kind of a dream come true in a really weird, type-a kind of way. so here is my list. i'm turning twenty-three at the end of the year, so i've made a list of twenty-three things i'd like to do. & its in a large, spiral binder that has everything in in. recipes, my little weekly schedule stuff, shopping list, monthly meal plans - so i am NOT loosing it.
i guess some of them could require a bit of explaining, but i'll just do that as i actually finish them :)


  1. oh me too, me too! i bought fabric for a quilt last week that i'm DYING to start once we get to oklahoma. and i'm going to try and make a tree skirt for christmas 2011 too! yay for crafty projects! also? #21. i LOVE getting random cards/notes in the mail from people and i have all sorts of thoughts throughout the day for other people, why don't i just jot them down and send them off? duh. plus, it would give me a great excuse to dive back into card-making. yesssss! :)

  2. I love this idea so much more than resolutions! I made a list of my own for this year, things I want to do mostly. I think lists that are full of experiences or actions of love are much more fulfilling (and we're more likely to do them) than your typical resolutions like losing weight or hitting the gym more.

    Also, since you mention switching to natural products.. I just recently switched my shampoo & conditioner to Kiss My Face's Whenever. Love!! Shea Moisture is also a yummy smelling soap that's natural too, and you can find both of these at Target.

  3. Did you know that the Stumbos make soap and teach how also? :)

  4. i'm all for no new years resolutions! and i love the idea of making a list for a year :)

  5. I didn't make a resolutions list last year. I made a list of things I'd already accomplished. Maybe at the end of this year you can make one of those, too! Half of the stuff on your list is also on mine, and girl I just quit biting my nails for good last New Year and I was 27!

  6. This is such a cute idea! Your list itself is adorable as well. <3 I want your handwriting.

    I just wanted to tell you I ADORE your blog! I think it's the cutest thing ever! I promoting it in my blog with your cute little icon thing. I lovelovelooove it! Keep writing!

  7. whitney -
    thanks for the ideas! i love target. i'll have to check there.

    gail -
    no i didn't! i don't think i've met them, actually. you'll have to introduce me :)

    michelle -
    i'm so glad i'm not the only one!