Jan 17, 2011

{i'm liking this monday}

over the weekend, daniel & i had some talks in between all of our running around.
fun talks. but life talks.
about this blog. about photograph. 
about the idea of me getting a {part time} job again. for the mornings while hes away.
which i didn't love at first. & he didn't really either. but we both decided we should think about it.

so i scrubbed pots fiercely for about 30 minutes while i thought.
wait. let me clarify a little.
when i say i scrubbed fiercely, it wasn't because i was upset. it just helps me think. cleaning helps me think. lucky for daniel :)

& after all of my scrubbing & thinking, we agreed that today would be a good day for me to get away & think & plan & pray & read.

so this morning, right after daniel left i found myself driving off to panera & have been here ever since.
sipping a latte & munching on bagels & planning. i rather like the quietness of it all.
this will be a good thing for me.

& its a wonderful way to start a beautiful, overcast monday :)
ill let you know if any huge decisions are made.


  1. rite aid!

    or maybe this time you can try cvs or walmart. :P

  2. haha. shut up!
    i'm to fragile to deal with any more marriage proposals from creepy men.
    we'll just have to figure something else out :P

  3. Urban Outfitters!! and get me a discount.
    or a record store. work somewhere fun so that you don't cry every morning when you wake up...

  4. urban outfitters would be bliss. i wish it wasn't so far away!
    ditto with a record store :P

  5. try panera! free food cant hurt anyone:)
    plus, your sitting right there.

  6. just found your blog...and loving it :) especially loved looking at pix of your place! LOVE your style!!

  7. awww, thank you susanna! i was just looking at your blog, too! its so fun! thanks for the comment :)

  8. You should work with meeee! Then we can get rid of the annoying person we don't like :/