Jan 21, 2011

{in the kitchen}

of course, i always find cute kitchen things i 'need'

but actually, we do not have a tea kettle. so i do need a tea kettle. & we are almost out of olive oil. sooo…i kinda need that too. the soup cup i do not need. but ahh its just so pretty! especially for all of the soups we've been eating lately.

no. 4 doesn't have a link simply because its a mint plant! seriously. every kitchen in the summertime needs mint. its basically apart of southern hospitality!

& does anyone know what no. 5 is? anyone? anyone?
they're called gamma lids. & they're for bulk storage of foods & things that need to be kept pretty air tight. my mom has one to store all of her wheat grain in & i love them. you just pop them on a 5 gallon bucket & they screw on & off. so much easier…& since i'm finding i use a lot of the same ingredients in massive proportions, i think this would be nice :)

no.1     no.2     no.3     no.4     no.5

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. i have a gamma lid for my wheat berries- love it. didn't have one for the oatmeal and i could never get it open. had to wait till todd got home from work/school for him to open the 5 gal. bucket. sooooooo, when i put in my lastest order for wheat and oatmeal i ordered another lid. can't wait to get it. you definatly need them if you buy/store/use in/out of a 5 gal. bucket. btw, love the blog, great work.

  2. I just came across your blog and I'm loving seeing another newlywed who has some of the same interests!

    ...and we have that tea kettle but in blue and love it...It is definitely something you shouldn't live another day without :)

  3. adriann - where do you get your gamma lids? i'm glad someone else has heard of them, too!

    & erica - thank you for the sweet words! i was just looking thru your blog & i love that you knit! i've been wanting to learn for so long & i'm finally having a friend teach me soon. i can't wait :)