Jan 19, 2011

{laws of attraction}

in case anyone was wondering how i first fell for my husband.

now you know. except his hair was much longer & less frequently washed ;)
in case you haven't heard of campbell the band before. they make some of the most beautiful music i've EVER heard. you can listen to a few of their songs here.


  1. thanks for sharing! this is awesome, I love the music

  2. I absolutely fell in love. Amazing music.
    Mindy, have you thought about doing some photo sessions with the band? Your photography is amazing, and any good band needs a good photographer.

  3. awww, thank you heather!
    oh gosh the campbell guys would be so fun to take pictures of! they already have a photographer in the band, though! the bassist, michael takes awesome pictures. so i doubt they would ever need me, but maybe someday!