Jan 25, 2011

{make your own: hand soap}

so, have you bought your castile soap yet? because you'll be needing it.
& maybe i'll post a million & two things you can do with all 32 ounces of it someday.

you will need:
a foaming soap pump
castile soap

add 1 tablespoon of castle soap per cup of water & you have hand washing soap that makes you smell like peppermint for hours!

i hope you like peppermint.

i first decided to make our own hand soap after reading an article similar to this one.
but if you aren't going to read that here are two points to keep in mind:

1.) soap contains this stuff called triclosan. its classified as a pesticide & while it does clean your hands really well, it actually kills both bad & good bacteria. now i am all for being nice & clean, but zero exposure to bacteria actually isn't a good thing, because your immune system isn't able to build up fortifications against really bad bacteria.
2.) it contributes to bacteria resistance. this bad bacteria can then survive & reproduce more bad bacteria etc etc... 

either way, the main component of washing your hands is really just scrubbing. did your friends ever tell you about the 20 second rule growing up? that you had to was your hands for 20 seconds or you won't get rid of any of the  germs on your hands? anyone? maybe it was just public school…but its kind of true. with just a non-anti-bacterical soap & a little scrubbing, you will be totally fine.
{if you don't want to make your own soap, stores still totally sell soap that isn't anti-bacterial, by the way. if its not on the front label, it probably isn't}

dont let it freak you out too much. it just kind of nice to be aware of. & seriously. its so cheap & easy to make anyways, why would you not?


  1. Thanks for posting this Mindy, I'm going to try to make this soon. One question, how did you make the hole in the mason jar lid? I bet my hubby could figure it out, but just wanted to know how you did it.

  2. Love this! And I agree with Deborah, could you maybe do a tutorial for the mason jar soap dispenser? I love that idea!

  3. I agree with everyone else! I want that mason jar tutorial. It is so cute, and it would help with the million mason jars I have.

    Your soap is easy! I read some lady who was melting and doing all this other crazy stuff! hanks girl!T

  4. thank you all for the feedback! i'm going to get a tutorial up for the jars in the next couple of days :)

  5. i like all your how-to's on home made stuff. my shampoo is almost out and i am going to try the concoction you posted about a few months ago, and now this one too. and maybe the tooth soap. or all of them, since it's brilliant to get chemical free.

  6. This is the best!
    I love all of your recipes.

  7. Thank you Mindy, I will look forward to the tutorial...though my husband already figured it out, I knew he would. But I need directions!!

  8. Just found out I can make my own castile liquid soap for $1.21 http://meetalabama.blogspot.com/ , I'm ready for the million and two things I can do with it now!Please share!