Jan 24, 2011

{monday talk}

i'm posting a little bit later in my day than usual. i wasn't really inspired this morning to write anything. i'm still not totally. but if i just do it, i'll get back into the swing again, right?

so here is my news for the day: i've finished an item on my 23 before 23 list.

"no. 7 - buy a rug for our living room"
my dad goes to auctions every so often & found us this massive braided wool rug for 5 bucks! we love it :)
it looks like my grandmas house.

applications today & getting my bearings again after the weekend. 
AND we are participating in a chili cook off tomorrow evening.
we have a fun little team of us collaborating together. & don't tell, but i think we're going to make my vegetarian chili. shhhhhhh.


  1. um mindy!! gosh. take that link down. you're totally giving away our chili.

  2. if anyone copies they are lower than low.
    i dare someone to do it :P

  3. oh I am SO jealous, what a find for $5!! Send me one to Pa??