Jan 6, 2011

{my secret project}

yesterday mid-afternoon, after a sleepy spell, i was hit with this unbelievable burst of energy.
i think it was the chia seeds. i had kind of forgotten about them with the move & all & they were just rediscovered yesterday morning. i put about a tablespoon of them in my yogurt.

 so anyways, i went up into the attic to put a few last christmas things away & decided on a project. so i did prep work yesterday, like scraping the crackled walls, vacuuming & taping edges. it was a surprise, too. i kept it a secret from daniel for a whole 24 hours. he will be so surprised. i can't wait :)
 & this morning i began the painting.

i am kicking myself for not putting this on my 23 before 23 list. it would have been nice to cross something else off!

so here are pictures. they turned out kind of fun, i think. i just got a new camera, & my lens is being different now because of the full frame, i'm pretty sure. but i like it :)

so here is our attic entry. 
creepy! the picture on the right looks like its straight out of an old alfred hitchcock movie. you can't deny it.

& ta-da!

much much better :)
i think i will like going up to the attic a lot more now.


  1. Question about the chia seeds - a friend recently gave me some but they've just been sitting around as I haven't researched them enough (although I found your chia article link extremely helpful)... but anyway, how much do you recommend eating? Daily? Weekly? Whenever an energy burst is needed? Just wondering how you eat your seeds. :) Thanks!

  2. hey rhianna,

    i don't take them EVERY day. but you definitely could. i take about a teaspoon at a time & mix it in my yogurt, normally. but you could use it kind of like you would with flax seed in banana or zucchini bread.

    or in the summer we do 1 tsp of chia seeds in seltzer water, with lemon, mint leaves & agave nectar. let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so, because the chia seeds expand & don't stick to you teeth as easily, which is nice for a drink :)

    but definitely whenever you know you're going to be busy on a particular day, i'd take them. they really do help!

  3. Thanks so much for the advice! I make a super smoothie every morning and always put in some flax seed in that. Definitely considering adding chia to my regular diet. :)

  4. this is by far my favorite part of your house. i'm telling you, it should lead up to a reading and pillow fort nook with christmas lights on the ceiling.

  5. i LOVE that idea, josh. hopefully it'll be that someday :)