Jan 13, 2011

{our date with winter}

this winter - especially being our first in our new {very old} home has been a chilly, but very nice one so far. i wish i had some kind of tips for keeping warm to share…
you could drag your space heater around with you ALL the time. while drinking teas ALL day long. or just pretend your gas bill won't skyrocket if you crank your heat back up to 70. just for a little bit. umm...i don't do that, by the way.

but we are on our fourth snow day. & its so nice seeing winter outside of our window.
i've been trying to enjoy it & be glad its here. & i am, but i sure will be glad to see springtime!

1 comment:

  1. great pictures! yes, I am enjoying winter but I'm definitely eager for spring and warmer weather :)

    with love,