Jan 13, 2011

{our kitchen}

okay. i held off with the kitchen a little while back when i was showing house pictures. partially because its constantly being changed & made nicer. its also the room we've spent the most time working in so far.

here are a few befores:

& after {deep breath}
-wall resurfacing
-tearing up floors
-putting down floors
- sanding cabinets
-priming cabinets
-painting cabinets
-tearing out countertops
-pulling wood out of attic for new countertops
-sanding wood
-building countertops
-coating wood in LOTS of polyurethane
-repainting walls
-scraping windows
-appliance swapping
-rebuilding left cabinets to fit new appliances
umm…etc etc etc.

the nice bones are back at least. & the floor is clean. & the walls, too. now we just need to add pretty things.
& maybe a kitchen island :)


  1. Oh my gosh!
    That is beautiful!

  2. That looks beautiful! Pretty wood counters!


  3. Oh man! I love how spacious your kitchen is, and the little pantry area off to the side? Well done! My husband and I have spent the last three years slowly putting our house back together after buying a major fixer-upper. these photos give me lots of hope and inspiration:)
    Enjoy your improved kitchen!

  4. what a huge spacious kitchen! Looks beautiful!

  5. this is so cool!!! i love seeing before and after pictures like this - it makes me want to transform our kitchen too. thanks for sharing! :)

  6. How adorable is your kitchen! I love it. I love the arched doorways. Love your blog btw. New follower. ;)