Jan 31, 2011

{over the weekend}

we had one of the nicest times in a long while this past weekend.
daniel is getting every other friday off at work now with his new schedule, & this was our first one.
 so we had an extra day to be together which i LOVED.
 plus a weekend full of brainstorming, family time, birthday hosting, thrifting, bookstore browsing, starbucks trips & enjoying a fluke weekend of heavenly warm weather.
{think 50's & low low 60's for you arizona folks. i can't believe i've succumbed to this…}
it felt like we were dating again. with all of the time we had.

& also, i commented below, but i was seriously blown away by all of the sweet & encouraging comments & emails i've received from you all. like, i really don't even know what to say on here, i am so flabbergasted. thank you doesn't seem like enough - but thank you! its super humbling to hear such kind things from so many of you. it was just another thing that made my weekend so sweet :)

i am totally itching to post my tutorial for the soap pump that was in this post, by the way. so for those of you that have asked for it - its in the works :)
i'm going to try to wait until tomorrow, but i don't know if i can wait that long :)


  1. 1. Yay for Uggs! Those things are the best.
    2. I have 2 of those same mugs from Anthropologie! Um, except ours have a Z and an A. Not an M. :)

  2. oh come now mindy. it was a good 70 degrees. it was pleasant even for the west coast. :)