Jan 28, 2011

{the way i see it…}

okay. so i know i'm posting a lot of recipes & home-made everythings on here a lot.

& especially if you haven't grown up or aren't familiar with a lot of it - i'm probably doing a first rate job of convincing you all that i'm a total nut ;)

people may actually tell daniel or i that we're weird for doing this. or they may just tell other people.
but thats okay.

no really - i'm okay with that.

i blog about it because i think that just maybe some other people want to know about this stuff like i did this time last year when i was googling everywhere trying to find a beginners guide to eating & living just a little bit healthier. 

{speaking of which, i haven't really posted about those sort of things in awhile. would that be helpful or interesting for anyone?}

i understand that eating healthy is just seen as something thats really trendy right now.
& i understand that genuinely eating healthy is actually seen as kind of radical. 
although, shouldn't it be the other way around?

the way i see it, what daniel & i are doing is simplifying life - just a little bit.
it may not seem like it at first, because there is a lot to learn in the beginning for us, but i really think we are.
& becoming more self-sustaining as a {small} family, too.
thats a lot of why i love it.

i love that i can have coconut oil, castile soap, white vinegar, baking soda, olive oil & a few miscellaneous essential oils & i can make almost anything i really need for cleaning my kitchen, making hand soap, cleaning our bathroom, washing my face etc etc etc…
 i love that i don't have as many cleaners taking up space. & i do love that i actually know what i'm cleaning our house with. especially for when we start having kids that we will inevitably catch drinking toilet water or eating mouthfuls of toothpaste.

for us, its really not about being 'green'. at all.
what i do believe as a christian, is that i can be faithful in small things to take care of the people & the things god has given me. the people, for now just being my husband & me. & our home & what we use & how much we consume as being just some of the things.

so as long as i have time to experiment, i will. & this blog is just kind of an outlet for some of that experimenting :)


  1. One of the reasons I like your blog and started reading is because of your healthy solutions to products and eating. My husband and I are trying to change the way we live too...using less resources, making less waste and saving money in the process. I actually started washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vingear because of your post! Please keep up the great work! Your blog is great!

    Seattle, WA

  2. I love this.
    I love your blog.
    I only hope to be as awesome as you when I get older. :)

  3. I really appreciate the way you see it. I'm not there at the moment, but in the event that I need a recipe that uses castile soap, I will know where to look! :)

    Keep it up!

  4. i love that your focus on a healthy lifestyle, it is so much better than all you can read about dieting and everything else! keep it up :)

  5. I love your blog so very much!
    I love being educated on healthy living not because it is hip or chic but because it is God honoring.
    I love reading about your journey through life as a young couple. It is so encouraging and as Rylie said I just hope I can be as amazing as you are when I'm older!

  6. You are so not weird Mindy! I have been so excited that you are posting about how to make your own cleaning supplies, soap etc., because I am about to get married and want to use natural products in my home :) Totally inspiring :)

  7. I love your experiments! Right now we are living with my in laws before Asher is born, and saving for a house but I always thought when I got one I would go through your blogs and made some stuff :) youre great!

  8. I love all the recipes you post (I've saved tons but have made the enchiladas - YUM) and I absolutely love all the natural solutions. It always weirds me out when I think of all the crazy unnecessary stuff we have in our food and in our cleaners - I'm gradually making the change to all natural, just slowly as I run out of things I already have. THANK YOU for blogging about this stuff!

  9. amen.
    (i love the way you "see it").

    keep it up.
    i find it inspiring & helpful.
    and that little tidbit about it being a bit much at the beginning is encouraging to hear (that it really does become more simple)... because i am at the beginning.


  10. Hi Mindy -

    I've been reading your blog for a few months now and am just now saying hi. :) I have also been on a journey of change and simplicity, leading to eating local, whole foods and simplifying the products we use on our bodies and in our home (as you and Daniel have). I am 28 and have three kids - they are what initiated this process for me. I love your ideas and recipes... you always present them in a very uplifting and inspiring way... you are spreading a very powerful and God-honoring lifestyle... keep it up!

    A new friend,


  11. don't worry. i call you a nut affectionately. i adore everything about you and all your posts. ;)

    (still not convinced about the homemade toothpaste tho. have to say.) :P

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  13. oh my word, guys! THANK YOU for all of the super encouraging comments!
    its awesome to know that i can be used to encourage a few people :)
    thanks so much

  14. Oh there's another CindyC following you!!This is Marty's mom haha!(and Bethany's and Brandon's)

    You know I love your posts and I have made the handsoap. Even Bethany asked about it and I made her some too! She really liked the peppermint.