Jan 15, 2011

{what i read: december}

so are there any other readers out there? i can't be the only one.
i love love love to read. i think i've mentioned this before. & i've also mentioned that my very favorites to read are novels. really long, wonderful, epic novels. all of those adjectives are subjective, by the way. they are all wonderful to me but could possibly be horrific to you.
but i have been trying to expand my scope of reading beyond just novels, though. {& i often do, anyways, but i want to get just a little better} i've started off the year reading a few of a different sort & i actually quite like them. 
if i can just keep honey bunny from climbing on our couch & eating them all. {true story, guys}

but here is what i would like to do:
every month i'll share with you all what i've been reading - & i would love it if you all shared some of your favorites, too! i am always up for new ideas :)

so, i will start with december. it was a slow reading month. but i did finally once & for all finish 'a series of unfortunate events!'

this was a really fun, easy series to read. the first few books were really frustrating for me because i didn't heed the authors warning and thought surely SOMETHING good would happen to the Baudelaires! i loved the unique & really odd writing style of these. i even got a few snickers out of daniel as he read over my shoulder every so often. the audio books were fun, too, if you're going on a trip or just not into reading a long series like this! just don't listen to them at night maybe. we tried and after a week or so realized that were had both been having nightmares. & possibly because the last thing we heard before falling asleep was count olaf's creepy voice. don't do that.


  1. YEP! Reader Here!
    My brother has read those, but I have not. I'm finally reading Harry Potter right now.

    my favorite?! I just finished. The Hunger Games series. Have you read them yet? They are wonderful!

  2. someone was just telling me about those books yesterday!
    i am totally putting them on my reading list. it may be awhile, though.
    i'm like, no 57 in line to get them at the library.
    i may have to just cave and buy them ;)