Jan 14, 2011

{you could help a family grow}

here is what i know:

carissa & i have met before. several times. & i like her very much. she lived in san diego & i lived in phoenix. we would see each other every so often at conferences & things.

we have since both married men on the east coast & live about the same distance apart. only across the country now. & have kind of become blog friends & keep up that way.

her & her husband have a heart for uganda. & want to adopt a girl there named rinah.

& even though i haven't met andrew, & haven't seen carissa in a few years now, i love this couple. & they may not say so, but i think its a beautiful & brave thing to undergo any kind of adoption. & its especially exciting to me to see a couple that is my age doing this. they are so inspiring to daniel & i. & we are so excited for this little family-to-be!

they have made a video telling a little about their story. watch it. pray for the gallos. & give if you feel led! 


  1. mindy. i got a little teared up. you are so sweet.

  2. I can't remember if I found your blog through them or it was the other way around but I've read both of your all's blogs for a few weeks now and saw this post yesterday. How amazing! What they are doing is incredible and I hope so very much for the happy ending they are praying for. :)

  3. What a beautiful story. =] Thanks for sharing.

    <3 Deanna