Feb 18, 2011

{danny roberts}

fridays, i think are good days to share some of the things i love. & that are inspiring.
& danny roberts artwork has always been beautiful to me.

i first found him thought myspace, i believe. probably 5 or so years ago? & have been following his work ever since. i just love the way he captures people. with exaggerated lines. he just nails peoples features in such a unique way. because its obviously not a typical portrait.

over the last few years, his work has been noticed by forever21, bloglovin' & different fashion magazines. its fun to see artists you love become noticed by others, too.

so here are a few of his pieces that i love that kind of show a bit of the scope of his work, too.
 i could barely pick just a few. it was close to agonizing.

i hope you love his work, too. it's totally my dream to have him do a picture of daniel & i someday. haha.
not likely, i know. but a girl can dream :)


  1. Ohh I love these too! Wow he does great work. :)