Feb 28, 2011

{Good Morning, Monday}

this weekend i took all of our pictures on film. so who really knows when we'll see them :)

but guys…
{okay, just took a moment to add that up in my head. maybe five months. but its been ages. & it was glorious.}

oh. & a few people asked about my tea, this weekend, too. & i haven't answered anyones questions honestly because i don't know how to answer them! i'm totally new to brewing this stuff & any of my opinions would be totally based off what i've read. so i'm testing my batch again this morning. it still hadn't fermented quite enough to my liking when i tried it saturday, but it was on its way to being yummy good. once i have something to share, though, i totally will :)

ANYWAYS, i hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this last weekend as much as we did.
i think about 80% of our time was spent outdoors. & eating.

the campbell show we went too was, as always, lots of fun. the only thing we realised afterwards is that its harder for us to stay out past 1 anymore. at least being up on our feet. i think if we'd been in a little cafe the whole time it would have been a different story. well, i'd like to think, anyways.

One more thing about today is that its my dad's birthday!
{should i say how old…? anyways. its a big one. i can't wait to celebrate tonite. i am providing the dark chocolate cake. so heres to hoping its good!}
love you dad!
i hope daniel & i will be as good of parents as you & mom were, someday :)


  1. I remember you when you were this young :)

  2. my mom got the exact same haircut!!!!

    you are the cutest mindy-girl. your babies are gonna be too cute.