Feb 4, 2011

{hello beautiful, busy friday}

this morning i woke up at 6:00, realizing i forgot to put my nose ring back in last night & hopped out of bed. woke up daniel. on accident. & two seconds later our alarm went off.
then i got back in bed & woke up again at 8:30 {whoops & double whoops for being a bad wife & not seeing my husband off to work} when my friend crystal called about our bridesmaids luncheon earlier this morning.
that i had to leave for in half an hour.

so…somehow it all happened & i made it in time & was relatively presentable.
& now i'm home - getting ready to change into another pretty dress & go to the rehearsal & dinner.

so today will be wonderfully fun, even if i started it off in an incredibly lazy way.

also this week:
i actually made a loaf of bread that was yummy. finally. success.

had coffee with my friend katherine.

went walking & for coffee with my friend charlotte.

did lots of yoga.

had dinner with daniel & our friend michael.

watched old movies with daniel. {splendor in the grass, by the way, is the most heart wrenching movie. & not at all what it sounds like it will be from the back cover}

& scheduled my first doctors appointment in - years. & for what? to check on my swollen finger. 
but it is seriously massive & amazingly painful to type, eat, put on my makeup etc etc…so i thought i should probably figure out what this is all about before it falls off.

ANYWAYS, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my friend Song, as you have probably guessed already is getting married tomorrow!!!! i'll be back with lots of pictures. i couldn't be more excited for her :)