Feb 12, 2011

{i love...}

have you ever done one of those "what is the first thing you notice about people" quizzes.

i think the common answer is eyes. or lips.

i have always said eyebrows.

yes. i love them.

especially big thick {but relatively tamed} ones.

& that is why i married a man with thick eyebrows. 

i am so jealous of him...

& for this reason, i think kiera knightly is one of the most beautiful people ever.
i will have a lot of people disagree with me, i'm sure. but i wont back down.

at least 60% of it is because she has stellar eyebrows.

its kind of a weird fettish, i know. but let me have just this one.

i typically don't post on weekends, if you all haven't noticed yet.
but i'm defrosting right now from some yard work :)
hope you all enjoy your weekends! 
its just like a little foretaste of spring here, so i definitely will.


  1. Nah it's not weird. I have always considered myself an embarrassment to my gender because I DON'T notice eyes (or anything eye-related) first. Sigh. This may sound weird, but I notice people's whole face. I tend to take in who they are as a whole person before noticing specific items. Am I weird? Oh and even after the fact, and even with my ridiculous memory, I have THE hardest time remembering someone's eye color - even some of my best friends! I don't even know how it's possible, but yeah.

  2. Don't forget Audrey Hepburn! :) I haven't seen Keira Knightley in much, but I think she's very pretty, in an unusual sort of way. Sometimes, in the 2005 "Pride and Prejudice," she reminds me so much of Audrey. I think it's the shape of her face and her eyebrows. :)


  3. I'm a little obsessive about eyebrows. I know just what you mean, if someone has really nice thick eyebrows, they're instantly more attractive, in my eyes. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh yes!! Eyebrows! It's so great to know I'm not the only one who loves them! XD

    As an artist I have a huge appreciation for eyebrows- they're one of the most expressive features of the face! Go ahead- draw a happy-faced stick person then give him downward slanting eyebrows... he'll either be malicious-looking or something else... Haha.

  5. Haha this cracks me up. I have the thickest eyebrows and it has always drove me crazy! I'm glad there is someone out there who can appreciate them. hahaha LOVE this!

  6. okay, i'm SO glad i'm not the only one. thanks you all :)
    @kristin - YES! audrey hepburn is definitely my one other favorite :)
    i always end up trying to pencil in my eyebrows after i watch breakfast at tiffanys :)
    @helpful housewife - i LOVE your blog! its so sweet :) & you look gorgeous by the way, just from your little icon picture. i couldn't find one on your blog...

  7. Haha! This made me laugh so hard! My boy and I both have very distinct and expressive eyebrows. Everyone says we're a perfect match based on this single factor alone. Oh, and I just adore Kiera Knightly as well for her unique and confidant look!