Feb 22, 2011

{just for fun: a sort of style board}

earlier this weekend while daniel was out & about i got bored & decided to look through a few of my favorite websites. you know. the catalouges you always flip through & rarely never buy anything from?

& it was actually really fun. & i surprisingly didn't feel awful & pout about all of the beautiful things i wish i could buy. but i did decide that it would be fun to save pictures of the things i loved the very most - & see if there was any kind of consistency in what i like. or if it was just totally random.

i did notice that i saved 3 peach cardigans {YES PEACH! where did that come from?! but i'm totally loving it!}, 3 pairs of ankle jeans, & several pencil skirts {that aren't shown here}

so, kind of a fun, but maybe pointless thing to do with my weekend :)

{by the way, i never claimed to be awesome at putting this kind of stuff together. its just for fun :)}

no.1, no. 2, no.3,
no.4, no.5, no.6, {i'll admit, no. 6 doesn't look awesome in the pic, but rolled up, they would be comfy & amazing}
 no.7, no.8, no.9, no.10, no.11


  1. I am SO happy that I stumbled upon your blog. I love it, and it always makes me happy and feels better!

    I especially love this one!

  2. I love this!! It is so cute!
    You have the best style. :)