Feb 10, 2011

{make your own: all purpose cleaner}

i thought i would start to share a few different versions of household cleaners that you can make SUPER quickly & with things you already have at home.

for mom's with little babies - this is a perfect project. it takes less than two minutes. so if you've been thinking that a lot of this stuff is just way too time consuming, this is a good place to start :)

for an all purpose cleaner - you really can do a number of things. i've tried them all & have liked them all, so its really up to you.

these are basically all of the supplies you should ever need to make {most} cleaners.

1.) vinegar & water in a bottle
using a 1:2 ratio - you can use this for just general countertop cleaning, mirrors, tables, bathrooms, floors etc…
this is the one i use the most.

but…if you hate the smell of vinegar {it goes away in minutes, too, fyi}, or just want to be extra sure you're getting things squeaky clean, you can also:

2.) add a squirt of castile soap, or

3.) add 10-20 drops of tea tree oil for extra disinfecting power {i don't know about using this for mirrors, though…}
i have 2 squirt bottles & i use this when i'm cleaning up my counters after i've been cutting raw meat & things.

4.) a squeeze of lemon will do a comparable job to tea tree oil, too.

by the way, vinegar alone kills bacteria, mold & germs. 99%, 82% & 80%. respectively. 

compared to a lysol disinfecting spray, which kills about 99% of germs. but i couldn't find stats on the other two. it just says that it inhibits bacteria & mold growth which is the same as vinegar. so, it just seems like a safer option to me. especially if combined with tea tree oil :)

you can find:
both tea tree oil & castile soap at trader joes. & castile soap is the cheapest there that i've seen anywhere. & i've looked high & low. Its about $9 for a 32 oz. bottle, but it will last you AGES. i promise.
if you don't have a tj's get castile soap at target, its in with all of the organic makeup. for whatever reason. & tea tree oil can be found at most drug stores or amazon.


  1. I add a few drops of tea tree oil to allll my loads of laundry. I love natural cleaners vs the nasty stuff you buy at a store. So thanks for sharing.
    And you have a cuuute blog. I'll definitely be back. :)

  2. this is great!!
    thanks! :)


  3. Emily - you add it to your laundry?! i've never done that.
    what does it do?

  4. I think you've convinced me! :)

  5. This is lovely :) Thank you! I'm all into do-it-yourself, natural cleaners!

  6. Trying this now :) Im in the process of making my own laundry detergent so I decided to make my own household cleansers.