Feb 1, 2011

{make your own: ball jar soap dispenser}

okay. a few of you asked how to do this!
so when daniel came home a few nights ago he volunteered to help me so i could get pictures of this up.
{thank you loverly}

so, this is what you will be making:

you will also need an electric drill & one of these drill bit guys. & a guy. you know. to do the dirty work for you :)
the bit should be just big enough so you'll be able to get the bottom part of your pump set into your jar.
then place your jar lid onto a {scratchable} surface. on the floor of our basement ended up working well for us, fyi, & drill a hole in the middle of your lid.

the picture to the right is what our lid looked like once it was drilled through.
it obviously doesn't have to be perfect looking because you wont see it once the soap pump is on.
now screw your lid onto the jar you are going to use & set your pump inside & make sure it fits. you may need to cut off a bit of the pump stem depending on the size of your jar, so go ahead & do that now & be sure to cut it on a slant.
now lift up your soap pump just enough to glue a epoxy or silicone ring around the edge. press down & let dry. you can re-enforce the bottom if you need to with more epoxy later.

aaand your done!

note: this tutorial is particularly for the foaming kind of pump. to use a regular soap pump, you will also need a razor blade or scissors to cut off the top of your plastic soap bottle - just below the part that the pump screws into. epoxy that piece to your lid from underneath & you can then screw your pump onto the top. 

hope that was {somewhat} clear. feel free to leave any comments if you have a question!


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  2. Thank you so much for this Mindy!

    This is definitely going to be a weekend project for me in the near future.

  3. oh my daniel is sooo funny he should do all your tutorials seriously. b.c you are called colemens in love.. People would follow your blog more seeing the couple do stuff together then get paid advertisers then you will get the $$ i was talking about!

  4. Hooray! Thank you, I'm getting to work on this straight away...I knew there was a reason I saved all of those old mason jars!

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  7. This is so darn cute! I was looking at Mason jars today and bought a couple of antiques. Plus I have a really old blue Atlas jar of my Great-Aunt's. I have tons of modern ones, too, but like the different shapes of the old ones. Then I had the brilliant thought to use one for a Kitchen hand soap dispenser. Of course Google had everything I could ever want to know and WaLa! Here is my own DIY go-to in your blog. Thanks so much!! (I like the gift idea, too!)

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