Feb 17, 2011

{my twin.}

my friend kendra sent me a link to a photography blog the other day.

& bascially, the girl is like MY TWIN!

today i found myself going back & looking at it. its weird...

so weird.

so just indulge me as i rant on about this. i typically don't see people that look like me.
i will just say a few more things:
1.) her hair is SPOT ON my color.
2.) her smile is remarkably like mine too. the gummy smile, you know.
3.) & i have her glasses. fyi. 

& okay. from the side, her husband looks like daniel.

double weird!!!

they are just super adorable.
& they are obviously more hipster than us.
& tattooed.
but you can still see the resemblance i think?
here is the photog's blog.


  1. told ya.
    now buy that cardigan, wear those flowers and get some tattoos. NOW

  2. Ah! This is weird. As the owner of that face, I totally see the resemblance. =)

  3. kendra - i know i know! just wait, you'll see me sunday & it'll all have happened ;)

    & NESSA K!!! - i had no idea you would ever see this post! i'm sorry if it was creepy seeing your face on a random persons blog. it's a compliment, though. you're wedding pictures were fabulous :)

  4. Hi there! Beautiful pictures!!!
    What a sweet blog you have here!
    Lots of good inspiration and nice pictures.. Thanks for sharing and keep it up !!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know..
    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

  5. This is so funny because just a couple weeks ago when this elopement shoot showed up in my bloglovin I totally thought, "WOW, This gal totally looks like Mindy from the Colemans in Love blog!"