Feb 7, 2011

{our wedding weekend}

this past weekend was filled with wedding celebrations.
{not ours. duh!}
my friend song got married to the love of her life. so friday & saturday was just one massive party.
eating lots of yummy food. wedding prep. receptions.
& at the end of it all, this is how we look.

i put my uggs on as soon as we got in our car  coming home. i love heels, but i cant wear them for long. my feet were thanking me.
& found my sweatshirt, too.
i'm good at doing things like that :)

& reception/bridesmaid luncheon pictures :)

i didn't get many pictures in the midst of all the festivities! the four above are from my friends cameras. 
but this one below is one of my favorites from the morning.
our friend michael took the wedding photos, & did an awesome job. so i wont post any more, because his will be better :)

& now, both of us colemans are sick. but i'm glad we made it through the weekend all well :)

so…what did you all think of the superbowl?
i know who won.
that is all.


  1. this sums up the superbowl for me

  2. The bridesmaids' dresses look really pretty!

    I only watched the Superbowl because we were invited to a friend's house for it. I didn't have the best seat, but these are the conclusions I made while "watching" (or, wishing that I was at home with a good book):

    1. I know nothing about sports.
    2. Football sometimes resembles slightly clumsy gymnastics.
    3. If the half-time show featured good music, then I must have terrible taste. :)


  3. thanks, kristin!
    ha. & i agree with you. 100 percent :)

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