Feb 16, 2011

{this is what dinner alone looks like.}

yes. its true.
i ate on our sofa tonight & accidentally {for real} ended up listening to sarah brightman.
it was not so awful. but i'm glad i don't have a lot of dinners to myself.

also today i listed my closet on ebay.
my high school closet. the one that contained every graphic t-shirt on the planet.
i think clothes on ebay {from experience. i'm not just making this stuff up, guys} sell better based on two things:
1.) the title {or keywords used in the title}
2.) PICTURES!!! {if you have a bad picture of something awesome. well for shame. how is anyone supposed to know how awesome it is!}

& just to embarrass myself here is an awkward picture of me & my t-shirt. {& my weird arms?! what the heck!}
& the glasses i thought would be funny to wear :)


  1. I am absolutely in love with that second shirt. Its beautiful. and is "Atonement" any good? Im always looking for new books!

  2. That second top is pretty! I kinda like it. We have "Atonement" in our Netflix queue. Think it's worth it? xoxo

  3. @Stephanie - i AM enjoying the book so far. a few parts, especially in the beginning - because it has to do with the rest of the story are a little vulgar. & i've also seen the movie. its actually stuck REALLY close to the book, so far, so i know everything thats going to happen, so i think i would like it even more if i didn't know! but its good!

    @Bon Bon - the movie is so good! just a warning though - its not a super happy movie. you probably knew that. but its really interesting. i love how its from several different perspectives throughout the film :)