Feb 9, 2011

{this is what sick days are for...}

sorry i've been kind of m.i.a. the past several days.
i just haven't been super inspired.
& our house is full of sniffles, which, umm...is actually super fun, in a horrible kind of way.

we've gotten to snuggle up & watch lotsa movies & take lotsa naps :)

movies like these {& i promise we normally don't watch this many movies. ever.}

& i have learned something new about daniel the past few days...
he is super embarrassed to blow his nose in front of me. its absolutely adorable.
& ridiculous.

i'll post something for real very soon :)
cross my heart & kiss my elbow.


  1. oh man!!!!! i've been wanting to watch romancing the stone for a few weeks now.

    (and mindy.. that isn't that many movies. no need to be ashamed.)