Feb 17, 2011

{today is dedicated to my friend...}

i didn't know what to post this morning. & i was thinking of my friend kristy, who i met just around the time i moved to charlotte, & what an awesome friend she is.
& i just wanted everyone else to know, too :)

we met at uncc in the fall of '07 when i first moved to charlotte.
we went out for coffee. & talked. & liked each other.
& then got to know each other even BETTER singing brittney spears super early in the morning on a camping trip later that fall. {whoops}

& through rekindle - our college groups spring break trip.

& through all of the crazy adventures we've had.
no. seriously. crazy.
i don't think i've ever been closer to dying of freakish things than when i've been with kristy.
but praise the lord, we've always made it through okay :)
p.s. she wasn't far away when this happened ^^^

so in addition to zero dull moments - shes also been one of the biggest encouragements to me over the past few years. shes fearless. & passionate. & AWESOME.

she is living farther away from me, now. but i still cherish the times we do get to hang out when she comes in town. like this weekend.

she's giving her testimony tonight at M28. & i am super excited about it. especially because i was around to see a lot of it. & thats a really special thing.
so…kind of maybe a different post from normal. but today is a bit overcast & dreary. 
& these kinds of days make me a little sentimental & thoughtful. 
i love to think of all of the special people that god has placed in my life over the years that have had such a positive & memorable impact on me. & a little blog post will never even begin to scratch the surface of any of them.



  1. hey i blogged about Kristy about a month ago! yayyyy! kristy!