Feb 21, 2011

{weekends are for brunching}

the weekends are just go by much too fast...
we had daniel's grandma over for brunch saturday morning.
i LOOOVE breakfast foods. why don't people get together for brunch more often, too, by the way?
every time we do we absolutely love it.
& we can't be the only ones, right? aren't there any other breakfast lovers out there?

i think we'll definitely do it again, soon :)
& we had a nice time with her. i love hearing old family stories.

that followed by an afternoon digging around in our yard with my parents. sawing down & cutting back a few trees & bushes & getting our driveway {more} put together & ready to level it out. so hopefully we'll be able to park on it soon.

i also saw the first of our plants sprout!!!
we have little spinach, lettuce, kale & arugula buds sprouting :)
i may have started my kale too late, but who seriously thought it would start getting THIS WARM completely out of the blue?!
so - so far so good. hopefully i'll be able to keep them alive :) 
i am so excited to eat yummy salads again.


  1. So are you goIng to tell us what kinds of yumminess you like to make for brunch??

  2. I agree with this post very much. We need to schedule another Brunch with you guys soon!