Feb 3, 2011

{what i read: january}

i am really excited about these posts. are you all?

you all probably know of my novel-junkiness - so lately, i've been trying to broaden my scope of reading to more non-fiction. 
reading books on things i want to learn about. like gardening. herbal remedies. healthy eating. & martha stewarts craft books!

this is what i read this past month:

{a connecticut yankee at king arthur's court}

i loathed this book in the beginning. i'm not even going to pretend i didn't. i've never read anything by mark twain before & his writing style was just kind of vulgar & hard to read at first.
not in content. but i mean, you can't just go from reading whimsy jane austen to the old english of mark twain without going though a bit of a transition period. 
THAT, & i must have missed the whole part about how he got to be in the thirteenth century in the first place. {if you want to know, just read the back cover. how did i not figure THAT out...} 
so that threw me off for about the first hundred pages.
most people probably stop reading a book if they really don't like it, but i didn't want to give up that easily, & this is one of the times that i'm glad i stuck it out. i actually really enjoyed it when it was all said & done.
it was really interesting to read about how the main character, Hank Morgan goes through the slow process of 'modernizing' mid-century england - & there is a super plot twist at the very end. fyi.

p.s. this is nothing like 'a kid in king arthurs court ' in case you were wondering ;)

{small-plot, high-yield gardening}

i looooved this gardening book. its really easy to read, even though there are NO PICTURES.
typically that is a huge turn off for me in these kinds of books. i'm a very visual learner, but the book is so thorough without being overwhelming that i breezed through it pretty easily.
if you're serious about learning to garden, this is an AWESOME resource. you don't even have to read through the whole book. its sectioned off into nice little chapters & you can just read about the sections & caring for the particular plants you know you will want to grow.
just keep a pad & pen handy for notes :)


  1. I like this. I love finding out what other people are reading. :) I might start doing posts like this on my blog, too. I don't know that I've ever read anything by Mark Twain, except excerpts in English books. But I'm a little biased against him because of his dislike for Jane Austen.

    P.S. I love your blog! I came across it a few weeks ago but forgot to follow. Thankfully I remembered the name and was able to find it again. :)


  2. thanks for the comment, kristin!
    & yes. i agree. thats kind of why i've avoided him up until now, but i thought i should at least read ONE of his books :)

  3. i love your posts mindy. :) i'm super impressed you're keeping this blog up.

  4. haha. thank you char char. i'm trying :)

  5. i love reading/ doing these posts! its nice to get ideas from people :) Some good nonfiction that you may like would be Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and the sequel Stones into Schools. I love non-fiction/ memoirs so if you ever need any ideas i'm here!

  6. I haven't read anything for fun in ... well, it's been a while.

    Have you read "Square Foot Gardening"? It's pretty awesome, and I'm bound and determined (even while pregnant and with a toddler) that we will have a garden this year, based on this method. We can keep each other posted on our respective progress in gardening. Or maybe I'll just read your adventures from my house, and dream about gardening "next year." :)

  7. this girl looks like you

  8. thank you cindy & haley for the book suggestions! i will seriously look into those :)

    & cindy - yes. definitely let me know if you have any tips or keep me posted with your gardening. i'm totally new at this too, so we'll see if i can get anything to grow!

  9. kendra - she does look a little like me! although shes way more awesome...

  10. false. not as awesome. just more Austin-y. And probably more tattoo-y.

  11. i just found your blog, i thought mark twain was hilarious in a Connecticut yankee in king arthur's court! the satire was great. you should request other books!

    regarding square foot gardening: make sure your neighbors cats don't crawl into it. i tried it last year..and it just became a litter box.

  12. I'm a little late on this scene, but wanted to say you should really try Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Twain. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court isn't my favorite of his books, but some of his other stuff is hilarious!