Mar 4, 2011


i came home tonite from a ladies event. & after yummy chocolate-y ladies food,
i am just dyyyyying for this.

so much so that i am about to go into our kitchen & make one.
actually, i think i will, thanks.
daniel has buddies over tonite & they are playing with fire out back. 
so what else would i do, anyways?

there is an egg on it. & if you think that is weird - go to red robin RIGHT NOW & have their royal robin burger. it is to die for.

this is my ode to hamburgers, i guess.

thanks for listening :)


  1. That looks amazing. I can't quite wrap my mind around the idea of egg on a burger, though.

    I love hamburgers. I made sliders tonight, just because I wanted to. :) That's part of the joy of being a grown up, isn't it?

  2. Wow. That does sound delish...minus the egg part. I've hated eggs since I was a does my hubby. When I found out that he hated eggs, i knew it was meant to be and I asked him to marry me right then. Ok, not really! Anyway, my mouth is really watering now...I need a burger.

  3. mmmmm...
    Big Daddys has the Sam I Am burger. same idea. SO good