Mar 10, 2011

{no. 18…check!}

yes. i finally have another check off my list :)
thats 4 down & 19 to go.
this list has proven to be tricker than i thought.
about 6 of them are 'in progress' right now.
like taking all of the rolls of film & reading some of the books & things.

& can i just say…it was way harder learning to crochet than i thought!!!
i still need nice friends to help me soon, i think.
so i can get out of the coffee cozy stage :P
but it is already super relaxing to me.
i think i'm going to like it lots. especially with all of the long trips we have planned thru the summer.

anyone else actually getting things done on their lists so far?


  1. Yes!!! i have BEEN doing 16, 18, 20, 10, 21 and i am halfway to 2 and 1/3 of the way to 3

  2. Awesome! I'm impressed! You have way more crossed off your list than I do. It's only March and you have how many done?? Congrats. :)

  3. Yes! Some of the things I thought would be harder for me actually weren't. XD For example I thought reading a non-fiction book on something would be super hard- but I ended up checking one out from the library without thinking about it!

    It is totally fun having a challenge like this. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. i'm almost done with jane eyre and that counts under reading more classic novels. i think pride and prejudice maybe next..... but we'll see.

    i also have been finding and listening to new musical artists and have been to a concert.

    have cooked SOME but need to do this more.

    i need to add more things to my goals list tho.. i've slacked off. and in writing on my blog.. i need some interesting things to write about.

  5. My boyfriend gave me Knowing God two Christmases ago and I read some of it, but did not finish. I just added it to my 2012 book list. I hope it will be a great read for you!

    Oh, btw--
    I found your blog by blog surfing. I think you were connected to a gal college student in MO, who is connected to an old roommate of mine.

    I enjoy your blog needless to say.