Mar 28, 2011

{oh baby baby}

oh my WORD, guys! thank you for all of the super sweet comments these past few days!!! 
we have been so totally blown away with all of the encouragement from friends & people we haven't met alike!

& i have to say...its so great to not be keeping a secret anymore.
that was tough business these last six weeks…

i guess i'll be sharing little bits & pieces of news for the next few weeks.
or…the next 7 months, really.

so, i guess i can give you all just a quick catch up of whats been going on the last six weeks in about two sentences.

we have told family about little guy on the way, shortly afterwards i started feeling all of the morning sickness that people talk of, followed by lots of netflix days, hence my learning to crochet, too :) 

lots of eating eating eating. mostly soups. & cheese & crackers. not a whole lot tastes really good. except the aforementioned soups. OH. & mexican food. mmm mmm mmmm :) 
any kind. rice. burritos. tacos. quesidillas. queso. chips. 
all of it.
probably because of all of the cheese, maybe?

& most recently, reading has become my new favourite pasttime. 
it made me queasy earlier on, so i avoided them, but i've absolutely been devouring books the past few weeks. SO, if you have any suggestions, i am definitely up for ideas :)

so thats basically all! reading. eating. sleeping. eating. watching movies. oh. & listening to adventures in odyssey. yes. i have. for when my eyes are too tired to stay open but my body wont sleep. it kind of takes my mind off of all of the commotion going on in my tummy, too. see why i have had nothing to blog about? 

i went to the doctor this past wednesday, though, & basically, i was 10 1/2 weeks when i went IN to the office & was supposed to hear a little baby heartbeat - & after prodding my stomach with a little metal doo-dad for about 10 minutes & not hearing anything, sent me in for an ultrasound. to make sure little baby was doing okay. 

& YES. all was well. i got to see our little olive's foot wiggle around & we have sweet pictures of it now.
it made it all feel 100% more real to see the little baby in my belly :)
& i think the lord just knew i needed a picture to keep me going on days i'm feeling particularly sickly.
this little dude is totally worth it. & its already the most beautiful thing i've ever seen! such a mom talking...

oh. & the MAJOR shocker…the reason we couldn't hear little guy's heartbeat was because i wasn't 10 1/2 weeks like we'd been thinking. i was only 8 1/2!!! 
{which means 9 weeks now}
i kind of felt gypped for a little while, but have gotten used to the extra two weeks idea.

{sorry if you boys get weirded out by ultrasound pictures. i think its pretty cute. & you will get used to it}

so! you guys are all caught up, now! {mostly}
hope you all are doing great! does anyone have nice spring weather right now? we did for a few days, but its feeling kind of like january again out here…
cold & wet. but green :) its so nice for a change...


  1. Amazing!! That is just so special! Congrats Again! If you are looking for advice, please visit my ministry: Tirzah!! Here is the blog, but there will be a website soon! I also am just finishing up the book, which I will send to you for free if you email me your address!!

    (: Walking with the King,
    in love, in Christ,

  2. It's adorable! ;) congrats ya'll!!

  3. First pic of baby Coleman! :) Glad he/she is doing well. Love you, Mimi!

  4. I came across your blog from Elisa Farrows blog and just wanted to say congratulations!! I recently found out we are expecting and it has already been an amazing journey. Good luck with everything, I'll be following! :)

  5. i haven't said congratulations! i meant to, and i've been rejoicing with you, over here in durham. so here it is. :)

    praying for you and babyC!

  6. hello lil grandbaby..aren't you cute :))

  7. oh my, i just stumbled on your blog and i'm laughing so much because the EXACT same thing happened to me just recently! i thought i was 10 weeks and found out i was only 8 weeks. man, i was bummed - i thought i was nearly out of the sick phase - but we finally embraced it. i'm 15 weeks and my belly is just barely starting to poke out. i have no clue how to dress myself anymore. :)
    oh ya - and congrats!! it's so exciting!