Mar 14, 2011

{a quick getaway weekend}

this past friday we did a mini trip up to wilmington with my parents.
they were going on business, & we hitched a ride for fun.
it really is one of our favourite cities to be. i love the old downtown/beach plus some of the best restaurants {& DONUTS!!!} ever are there.
so, our morning began wandering onto the set of 'one tree hill'.
kind of fun!
i loved watching the crew outside running around with lights & take out boxes & walkie talkies. 
& we saw sophia bush.
{not a huge fan if i'm being honest}
but still kind of exciting to see so much commotion going on. & you know daniel - he hooted & hollered for everyone that came outside the little cafe.
he's good for me like that :)

then we found some of these subway tiles {they are actually ALL over wilmington. LUCKY!!!}
& both wished we could take them home with us.
this is what we wanted super badly in our bathrooms - & kitchen. but its actually super difficult to find. & once you find it, its really difficult to even get it ordered & shipped {think 2 month + backordered} & then massively expensive.
 but either way, i still think they're so fun to find around places. we can dream…

then lunch at our favorite river boat landing. again.
i managed to spill a full glass of water all over my food. & our table. & my camera {thank goodness. it survived} & my pants while we were there. so i kind of hobbled around for awhile afterwards looking like i had a little accident going on. but that didn't make it any less wonderful & yummy.

then the day ended EXTRA wonderfully with chipotle & krispy kreme donuts.
both were my idea - & we actually DID them both! that never happens!
i felt so spoiled :)

but all of the wonderful busy-ness, i think, was too much for my dormant cold & it decided to come back again on sunday. sometimes having too much fun comes back to bite you. but still worth it.

hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. My sister in law went to school in Wilimington :) Seems like a great day

  2. Wilmington! I went to UNCW for the first two years of undergrad. I miss that place. I actually worked as an extra for One Tree Hill on days when I didn't have class. I hated the show though, so I never watched. It was a great college job - I could study during all the down time... there was always a lot. I didn't know the show was still on the air - weird.

    In two months I'm moving to the triangle area. I'm excited to be back in North Carolina and be able to take weekend trips to Wilmington.

  3. Oh man! My husband and i just took a trip to Wilmington last month for our anniversary. One Tree Hill has always been a show I liked to watch since it started...and i love to go and see the set locations. How fun! I did a little video of the day for us while there and included video from the River Court. hehe.
    Anyway, I love your blog and look forward to reading it often. You can check mine out at